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There is a web-app, just visit on your iPhone and you’ll be redirected to the iPhone/iPod Touch-formatted version of the site. You can add it to your homescreen too, it has a custom icon.

Considering you will be accessing the internet to use the app anyway, there isn’t much point using a native app, it works nicely in Safari.

I wouldn’t expect to see a native Fluther app (at least an official one) soon because it would take ages to code and it would basically be a waste of time that could be spent developing for the site. If they bring out an API, which would allow developers to access site data for programming apps that integrate with the site, we may see some native Fluther apps made by 3rd Party Developers.

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awesome. thanks!

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This has been asked a couple times. Search before you ask, please.

Anyway, hopefully very soon.

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Sorry! I should have warned you. iPhone questions are frowned upon. only because we used to get like fifty a day

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The iphone version is perfect to make a MenuExtra fluid application
Check it out and just ask if you need help setting it up.

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