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What is a great sex position?

Asked by Saxguy87 (7points) August 5th, 2007 from iPhone

Shooting for creativity.

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What is great for one couple may not work well for others; physical proportions vary greatly and those factors have the greatest impact on the mechanics of sex.

The only way to find the best position for you and your partner is to discuss it between yourselves and experiment on your own. And if you don't feel comfortable discussing sex with someone, you shouldn't be performing it with them.

Have fun ;)

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If you have to ask....

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Um, I guess my position has always been IN FAVOR of it. Between spouses. That's my position on sex. I've always though "standing up in a hammock" might be the ultimate test of creative positioning and acrobatic ability. Any my position on child abuse? I'm definitely against it, although as the father of three, I'm starting to understand a temporary snap. Not that I approve, but I can see how it can happen.

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The one that you can laugh over when it ultimately fails.

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Standing, on the beach, bathed in moonlight.

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And for those of us with minimal balancing capabilities in sand?

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deck chair!

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They are all pretty good.

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