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What do you think of jeans worn with sandals by men?

Asked by Behemoth84 (24points) October 3rd, 2021

Assuming the feet are nice looking, the jeans/long pants are full lenght and the sandals are leather,not sporty. If you like it, what fit should the jeans/pants be?slim,regular or bootcut?

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Would be detrimental in a fight. Fashion wise is ok.

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Does anyone look at what you wear on your feet? Why be concerned about it?

As for the type of jeans , once again, the ideal of what cut they have is so 1980s. You wear what’s comfortable. In my case, that is regular. For someone else, it might be boot cut.

Haven’t we moved past this sort of concern in the last 40 years?

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Perfect look.

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(Women notice what kind of shoes a man wears @elbanditoroso.)

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Only if they are hotpants, and the sandals are worn with socks.

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@Dutchess_III for sure they do! What about your opinion?:d

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Anyone who wears sandals is a hippie.

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It’s a fine look as far as I’m concerned – but no socks with the sandals! And slim jeans.

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Just don’t wear socks with them.
It’s fine.

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NOT slim. Bootcut, maybe.

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I think they’re fine. But I want them off when we’re in bed.

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@JLoon well, I guess not all of us are into doing it fully clothed :P

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@Behemoth84 – Exceptions to every rule… ;)

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Sure, I think it’s ok.

Levi’s 511 slim fit.

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my attire in many situations and as the weather gets colder. All those cuts of jeans work well. No socks with sandals!

I’ll even throw a suit jacket on with that over a t short if I feel needed.

People do look at the shoes and feet. Why blow an outfit or a look with crappy shoes, sandals or feet.

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I wore sandals a lot from about May to September with either shorts or long jeans with a bit of cuff (because the sandals are lower and the hems catch on the back of the sandal and/or get stepped on and shredded). Usually these are “sport” sandals like TEVA in a subdued color, goes with everything.
I did that year-round if temps were above maybe 45F when I lived in CA.
For a couple decades I wore the same sort of thing casually in NYC in warmer months.
I don’t much now because I don’t get enough cushioning for my older feet.

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Only the older wear such things

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@omtatsat Older than what? infants?

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Well the ones over 50 or so. Sandal and shorts OK. But with long pants not cool. For men I am talking about. For young women it’s fine.

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@omtatsat I respectfully disagree. I live on the coast. It is very common to wear sandals all year and with pants. Its not an age thing either. It’s a vibe!

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