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What is the song from the new Nissan Altima commercial?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7433points) September 13th, 2008

It’s the commercial of the two cars that combine into one. That song has been stuck in my head lately, and I have no idea what it is!

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I don’t know which commercial you’re talking about…a youtube video would help.

But I do remember hearing Bravery’s Believe in a Nissan commercial.

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haha and it was a maxima

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Join Together by The Who.

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nice, thanks buddy

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i am not trying to insult anyone, but it’s always surprised me when people ask Qs like this. just as a tip, if you hear a song and want to know the title, you can type in like one sentence that you remember from the song and then put lyrics next to it the google search box…and voila, it will tell you the song. For example, if you remember a line from the song is “working on my fitness, you’re my witness.” You go to google, type in “lyrics – working on my fitness you’re my witness” (without the quotations) and Fergelicious by Fergie should show up as one of the first results.

Once again, i am not saying you shouldn’t ask such Qs, I just thought I will mention this in case anyone wants to know an easy way to figure this stuff out.

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you’re right, I didn’t think of google. I was searching for it for a while, and didn’t turn anything up actually, and there is like one quick phrase at the end of the commercial, and it isn’t a key phrase out of the song.

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the song in the 0ctober 2009 nissan altima comercial is “Love Hurts” sung by Nazareth and Aerosmith

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