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What would you want to say to the millions upon millions of people who are currently without their Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp?

Asked by rebbel (33454points) 2 months ago

As asked.

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So what happened? I just noticed Facebook is missing.

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I would say take a break – it’s not the end of the world. And I’m a person who is on Facebook quite a lot.

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Welcome back to the real world. I just hope nobody kills themselves!

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A good introduction to the future. Going cold turkey isn’t a bad thing.

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@YARNLADY I have no idea what’s going on; as far as I know even the people behind it don’t know yet.

I would want to say to the people who are now with their hands in their hair: please, be welcome, and post what needs to be out there, here!

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@rebbel Have you seen my latest doggie photos?

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Supposedly an internal mistake with BGP (border gateway protocol)

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I’d say don’t panic. But it may be too late for that…

The breakdown is evidently global in scale, and the solution will be technical. But the problem is personal. This is what dependence and addiction looks like. And it’s got nothing to do with “government takeover” conspiracies. Social media businesses and corporations litterally own the private lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world, because they were for sale. It was like the biggest drug deal ever, and now were seeing masses of internet junkies screaming for a fix.

Have a nice day.

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Well, it cuts out having contact with a few people for a while, but oh well. There’s other stuff in the world.

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Coincidentally, tomorrow a Facebook whistleblower will be testifying before Congress.
Or maybe it isn’t coincidence.

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In the meantime, how am I supposed to get through the day without seeing pictures of what other people are eating, uninformed Covid comments, and links to someone else’s favorite songs.

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I would just say enjoy it while it lasts.

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I do miss the excitement of the down-to-the-wire chat about Fat Bear Week.

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I noticed it doesn’t work on my computer but apparently it’s still working off my phone. I’m not sure why that is but most young people probably won’t notice if their phone app for facebook is still working.
For those who don’t use their phone, all I have to say, is ha, ha and this is a good time to actually get have actual conversations with people at home and not some rando on the internet or dreaming up something stupid to post instead of actually living your lives
And yes I do realize I’m speaking to a bunch of rando’s right now, but I lived my life before all these things happened and I hardly ever post anything except for here.I don’t post to make my life look better than what it actually is nor do I post for like or to show off or to make myself famous.

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No, I haven’t, @janbb.
I’m no longer there (couple of months now).

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Facebook on Cell phones is down too, but because of the app design, you can see posts from yesterday.

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Thanks for all the fish.

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@filmfann You are right. I just saw it was up but it isn’t giving me anything new.

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I am having quite a a bit of trouble over this. Talking on messenger with people and through posts is a major support for me right now.

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I was preparing for this very day, by not joining anything mentioned in the OP.

However, I’m not exactly living off-grid; this message wasn’t sent here by carrier pigeon.

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So that’s what the problem is! I’ll just wait.

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Anyone want to see unlimited pics of my grandkids??!!

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Go try tiktok or Line.

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Founder of Facebook took a 6 billion dollar hit today. (10–4-21)

I only used it as a advertising gambit and nothing else so I don’t miss it.

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This early morning when going on Fb saw several other Fb site links,one I thought was the real Fb turned up as a Marketing site of whcih I immediately got off of tht and did a Anti virus scan.
My computer finne.
Did see a post that Fb founder lost 7 million dollars, So I assume that he was hacked or something?

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“Anyone want to see unlimited pics of my grandkids??!!”

Lmao! No thanks, but good on you for getting inb4 a certain upstate NY engineer, who just joined you in the Titan mansion. ;-)

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Seems to be kinda back.

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Zuckerberg lost 7 Billion, not million. Poor guy only has 117 Billion now!

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It’s back up.

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