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Anyone know who won the Bonaduce/Levy fight?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) September 13th, 2008 from iPhone

They fought tonight in Philly. Im wondering who won.

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What a sad end Danny Bonaduce has come to.

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You DO realized that the entire thing was a totally staged event, reminiscent of what Andy Kaufman used to do, right?

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Here’s what led up to the fight:

Totally phony, totally staged/orchestrated/planned.

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I still want to know who won…@marina, agreed!

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This fight was not staged—I have no idea whether the buildup was staged but it doesn’t matter. The fight was deadly serious. Bonaduce knocked Bob out in the second round after hitting him ferociously a number of times. Bob did well to withstand Danny’s early attack…much better than should have been expected.

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I’m sure the fight itself was real, but the build-up was indeed staged, strictly as a money-making event for both men.

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@ronc, thanks!

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Yo trudacia…u r welcome. And both Bonaduce and
Levy are really good guys away from their acts.

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