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Just how do those dead bugs always find their way into my sealed light fixtures?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) September 13th, 2008

These bugs aren’t that little either. Yet they somehow get in. I don’t get it.

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Be careful, AC. Sometimes they are not dead. One time we were renting a house that had a miniature version of the house in the backyard as a playhouse. My husband noticed that the electric light fixture was filled with curled-up, dead wolf spiders.

Knowing my arachnophobia, he unscrewed the light fixture and emptied the dead spiders into the dirt of the yard. Realizing that I would not like to see a pile of large, dead wolf spiders either, he kicked some loose dirt over them. He turned around and replaced the light fixture back.

When he turned back around, imagine his surprise when the heap of dirt began moving and spider legs began emerging. The spiders revived and scurried off. He said that even though he is not afriad of spiders, it was rather horrifying seeing them sticking their legs out of the dirt and standing up!

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Maybe they get in when they’re itty-bitty things, and then live out their natural lives in there. I never like to take the globes down to clean them…yech!

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@Marina: I once made the mistake of killing a wolf spider with a sharp stick (so as not to get too close) and dozens (seemed like hundreds!) of infant spiders spewed forth. Needless to say, I required rescue from that stream of spiders, and didn’t kill another for years!

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You left all those baby spiders motherless. And you know they are without their father too, what with the female eating the male after mating. Just how do you sleep?

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Not to worry, Chuck, the babies were very quickly dispatched by my ex-husband, and rest peacefully with their mother. I slept peacefully after that, too!

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Have you two no shame? I cry for the murdered babies.
Anyway, I figure that the reason the mom eats the dad is that she knows life insurance is easier to collect than child support. Does that sound logical to you?

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August, you have permanently scarred me. Luckily I was already using a modified vacuum cleaner to suck them up, so I don’t think I have immediate need to worry.

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Them, to clarify, meaning spiders.

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@del: I had nightmares for a while after, and was scared to death of wolf spiders (so freakin’ hairy – ugh!) for the longest time. They still make me squirm.

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Who cares about a few spiders? I have often wondered about the dead bugs, mostly insects, with an occasional spider, in the light globe. How do the little privacy invaders get in there?

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Maybe after the aliens are through studying them, they’re beaming them back to the wrong coordinates. Could be just a slight miscalculation…

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@august I feel your pain. That is an excellent arachnophobe horror story! After the wolf spiders in the Northwest, I don’t mind the palmetto bugs in Florida as much as I thought I would except that they fly. At least spiders can’t fly.

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