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If I have a song that another person made and that person says I can't reupload it on YouTube but I upload the song somewhere else, does that mean I'm still using it and/or without permission?

Asked by KmiberDWZ (9points) 1 week ago

So if I had a song that a friend made but she doesn’t want me to use it on my YouTube videos and upload the song on YT (i.e. use it in my tutorial videos, make a nightcore version out of it, et cetera), but I rebelled against her anyway and uploaded the song onto other websites like Blogpost or Tumblr, does that mean I’m using the song anyway and/or without her permission?

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Yeah, I would take that down.

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Yes. She can report you on those sites and they would have to take your post down. She has the right because she is the author and she doesn’t allow you permission.

Now the real question is why do you feel the need to “rebel against her”? Is she your friend at all?

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Yes, it does. You have no right to use it without her permission. Take it down right now.

It sounds like you don’t value this friendship very much. And if I were that friend, I would consider this a lousy way for you to treat me, even if it weren’t a kind of theft. She may have already lost control of her personal property.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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Thank you for all of your answers. And I just wanted to clarify that I’m not actually going to do it for real nor do I have a friend (the friend thing was a what-if/made-up scenario), the question just randomly popped in my head for some reason and I was curious and I had to ask to get my question answered correctly. (P.s. Again, I mean NO harm at all whatsoever, and I apologize that my question may have somehow offended someone, I should’ve reworded my question better. I also wanted to both clarify and apologize as well. Again NO harm being done at all).Thank you

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