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Jellies who are working: Are you working totally remotely, or part time in the office and part remote, or totally at the work site?

Asked by jca2 (12453points) 1 month ago

Since the shutdown has seemed to end for some workers, are you working 100% remotely, or 100% in the office/work site, or part time remote and part time at the office?

I was remote until last June, and then went to two days from 9 to 1, and then increased to three days 9 to1. In June, my boss, who was elected to her position, lost her re-election bid so I would have had to do full days and I opted instead to retire. Now that employer (local government) is going full time in October, for those that were not previously working in the office full time. The jobs that were full time all along were the Public Works guys and people working in sewage treatment plants, in addition to the police and dispatchers/Emergency Services.

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100% remote.

But I have worked 100% remote for the last 15 years, so for me it was no change and no hardship when others at the company made the change.

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100% remote for both J1 (FTE) and J2 (Consultant)

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100% remote.

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I have been working from home except for one day in the office in July.

San Francisco had those three and a half weeks in July when it seemed we were back to normal, and I went into the office as kind of a test run to returning full time. We were slated to re-open fully after Labor Day.

In August the “full reopening” was switched to asking us to be “in the office two days a week”, and not until Nov. 2. So I have been WFH ever since, and will go in on Nov. 2.

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I’m 100% remote part-time, but I was prior to the pandemic also.

My husband was full-time in the office before covid and then in March 2020 more or less the entire HQ office in Nashville (where he works) went completely remote except employees were always allowed to go to the offices if they needed to (with KN95 masks required in all common areas supplied by the employer) and payroll staff was going in once a week. The company recommended people work from home so my husband was able to come back to Florida.

Early summer 2021 the company announced a hybrid plan going forward and everyone would be required to come to the offices 3 of 5 days. My husband rented an apartment in TN. They went back for a week and then Tennessee cases started surging and they told employees to work from home again. They are requiring all employees live within commuting time for when they return to the office hybrid. So, he has been zooming from his apartment for now.

It’s ridiculous. Just let my husband come home to Florida already. Even the staff who live in the Nashville area don’t want to do the commute.

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Pretty much entirely remotely, for over a decade.

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100% remote since March 2020.

Many offices are being sold to make up for revenue losses during Covid. We have five total bodies relocating but the rest of us are remote.

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100% remote, probably months before my team goes back to the office.

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Hybrid. Two days on campus, remote the rest of the week.

Looks like it may be this way for the foreseeable future — which is fine by me.

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I’m hybrid as well.

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100% on-site with thousands of co-workers.

Working in an Amazon warehouse, my first non-desk job in 25 years.

We get daily texts saying, “someone in the building has tested positive for Covid” but the place is so huge that nobody I know has been included.

I give the company credit for keeping the infection rate low with monetary vaccine incentives plus mask & distancing requirements.

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Totally at the work site (by myself) which is usually people’s yards.

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My wife just landed a new job which is fully remote until January, then hybrid from there.

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100% in the office

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100% at the site, sometimes out in the field at the stores.

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Fully remote. Like @zenvelo (also in the Bay area), we had plans to be in person in September, which have been postponed indefinitely.

I was required to move here for a new job over the summer, so I needlessly moved away from all family/support people and quadrupled my rent payment to work from the corner of my bedroom, full-time. ~Yay.

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@Cupcake: Oh no. I’m so sorry about that.

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@Cupcake I feel your pain. My husband was told he would need to be in person, and so he rented a place in Nashville. The rent is high in Nashville, he’s paying almost $2,000 a month! He was in the office a few days, and then they changed back to making everyone remote. Total waste. Plus, we’ve been separated, because I feel COVID safer in Florida (I know some jellies might think that’s a joke).

Finally yesterday his boss said he can come back home through the holidays. He’s coming back end of October, but we’ll still be paying the rent in Nashville. He’ll plan on going back up to Tennessee in January.

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@JLeslie I saw some of your comments about this earlier… what a fiasco. I’m glad he can go home soon. I can even understand requiring a local rental, but if you’re not in the office, I don’t see why he has to physically be there. I’m glad you feel so safe locally, in terms of covid. I get what you’re saying. My parents are not far from you and they feel safer there than where they live in the summer in upstate NY. To them, the community is more insular and they have an idea of who is doing what, which helps them feel safe. Plus, their healthcare providers in FL are fantastic… which is something I could never say about my time there.

When we were in FL and I was going to school, we rented a huge 5 bedroom house with 2 living rooms that we split with my mother-in-law, so she paid half the rent (even though we had 4 of the 5 bedrooms). So our rent there was a bit low, but only a couple hundred dollars less than we were paying for a house by ourselves before that. Anyway, our rent has gone up well over $3000 a month, on top of what we were paying in FL. For a 3 bedroom apartment (well, it’s like a townhouse). And while I really REALLY like it here and feel so safe with the kids in school (covid-wise, anyway), there are huge pros and cons of moving and I am constantly stressed that we need both incomes to afford to live.

Plus, I’m having a bit of a breakdown over this huge change and distance from family and am realizing that I need to be evaluated for ASD and ADHD. So I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about my professional future.

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@Cupcake I have a similar experience to your parents I guess. Since I am in an over 55 place, the majority of the people around me are vaccinated. If I go to Nashville I won’t feel safe in a gym with 30 year olds. I will not be going anywhere. Here, I take the risk and go to my zumba classes and see my friends. Mostly, we all still “distance” and do things outside.

I think it’s great that you feel good about the school safety for your children. If you were still here maybe you would not feel as good about it, although I think Hillsborough County is probably pretty good. Plus, didn’t your kids have covid? So, they probably have some immunity. I might be remembering incorrectly.

Maybe eventually you will come back to Florida. I know very few people who leave and don’t come back. Even people who supposedly hated it when they were here, they leave and realize maybe they were wrong. Plus, we need your vote here.

I think it’s great your parents love their doctors! I am having trouble with that right now.

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@JLeslie The kids had prolonged contact with people who tested positive for COVID, but of their half-dozen tests, they have always been negative. I tested positive for COVID antibodies, which is not a great test, but fit my clinical picture after a month of chest pressure and shortness of breath.

The kids had an exceptional experience at Hillsborough schools – they were at top-ranked schools with very well trained and experienced teachers, lots of student racial/ethnic diversity, a culture of respect. They had never experienced teasing or bullying at school. This school is VERY different and the teachers seem very inexperienced, but eager. The students are mostly low-income and seem to be behind where we left off in FL, academically. Things get stolen from my kiddos, quite regularly, and there is a lot more teasing. But they are handling it well. I don’t know how I feel about schools here in the long-term, but for these 2 years it was important to me to invest in my neighborhood and contribute to the local school however we can. We provide any “wish list” items for the teachers and contribute heavily to fundraisers, and I joined the PTA. I don’t know if it’s really going to make any difference, but at least the kids are surrounded by all kinds of diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability/disability, language, immigration, religion, etc.), so I feel good about that. And because the school is mostly low-income and has issues with racial equity in terms of testing/outcomes, they get special grants and programs. For example, one kid is learning the violin at school and they both will get to garden. But mostly, the district makes very science-based decisions about COVID and masks are absolutely everywhere, even beyond what is required.

It’s possible I’ll go back, but I can’t imagine it. I miss the beaches and sunsets, but there are few job prospects that excite me and it’s not a great time to be at a university in FL (not that a university is my next step, but a major possibility).

My oldest is in Gainesville at college and he wears a mask everywhere, even to yoga. Agreed, it’s the 30-somethings (and 20-somethings) that are the big risk.

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