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What's the story behind the e-meter?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) September 13th, 2008

The e-meter is some small machine that Scientologists use on the unfortunate people that stumble upon their booths. It’s supposed to measure something, but I don’t know what. Just what is thing supposed to do? Is there really some science behind this e-machine? I somehow doubt it.

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I doubt it, too. The PT Barnum rule applies.

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It’s supposed to measure the level of thetans in your body and give you a rating of somewhere between 1–10 or some end number. I have no clue how it works but I guess it just measures something like the electricity you are producing.

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Like in scientology? Then it’s definitely a load of crap good science!

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It measures the resistance in your body by running a small electric current though you. Basically its an Ohmmeter with different things on the gauge, I think it goes from ‘Mildly Gullible’ right up to ‘Tom Cruise Gullible’. I think the idea is to tell when you’re lying by seeing your body’s resistance change.

It’s based on donkey shit real science!

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@bluemukaki: I see we’re both busy with the edit button, tonight!

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I normally don’t judge people in their choice of religion but Scientilogist=Cuckoo!! Hubbard wrote a sci-fi book and now Scientologists think they can levitate. When Tom Cruise fly’s across Iraq I’ll believe!

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I don’t equate Scientology to religion. I think of it more as a self-help money making (or draining, depending on who you are in the “church”) scam that has somehow duped the IRS into giving it religion status.

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@tru: I will never understand how sci-fi author translates to religious leader! He’s probably laughing his dead ASS off, as he pulled off the best sci-fi prank ever .

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South Park explained it the best.

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John trevolta is the highest level anyone can get, I think.

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cheeb- Was that the episode of South Park what caused Isaac Hayes to quit the show?

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yes it was.

it was pretty hard to find for awhile because of people complaining about it.

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check this out

I read it when it came out…insane!

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@tru: I read that, too. It was very interesting.

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yeah, its just a device called a wheatstone bridge. we used one in one of our physics labs last year as part of an electricity lesson.

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Icksnay on the ientologyscay. They’ll come get you

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The E-meter is designed to measure just how much horse shit you are willing to swallow.

The more you swallow, the more that “church” will try to empty your bank account.

I believe they have been labeled as a criminal enterprise in Germany, and rightly so. They sure as Hell aren’t any kind of religion.

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