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Why is there a bony lump in my right shoulder?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (27881points) 1 week ago

A few years ago, I rammed my right shoulder into the tiled bathroom wall whilst getting up from the toilet and losing my balance after slipping on a bathroom rug. Yes…silly. I didn’t bother to turn the light on, and it was late at night.

For a year, it ached horribly. I was told that it was not dislocated. Yet now, it feels different than the left shoulder. It’s as if there is a bone joint slightly jutting out.

I’m not concerned…there is no pain anymore. It just makes me wonder what happened.

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Perhaps it the end of part of your scapula (Acromion) sticking up slightly out of alignment.

I have that bump on my right shoulder from lugging around a baritone sax for a year when I was in junior high. It happen slowly over time. I didn’t even notice it until years later.

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@gondwanalon Thank you. After looking that up, it sounds like what it might be.

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Or possibly a bone spur. I have one on my right elbow where I had almost broke it and I think it healed together oddly. Doesn’t bother me but it feels weird and definately not like the left elbow.

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@KNOWITALL Thank you. I’ve heard of bone spurs. That wasn’t it. This was absolutely painful for a year, where sleeping on my left side, preferably on the sofa where my back was propped up, provided the only comfort. The pain is gone; the jutting of what feels like a bone survives.

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