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Caravan's new album was released. If you have some time, can you let me know what you think of it?

Asked by Caravanfan (10744points) 1 week ago

It’s called “None of Your Business” and it’s available on all streaming platforms. I am curious what non Caravan fans will think about it.

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I’ll listen this afternoon, thanks!

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I will check it out later today. Thanks!

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Maybe post a link?

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I listened to the whole album (approximately 10 sec beginning, middle, end).
It’s not my style of music that I would go out and buy.
If I’d saw them live, at a festival or something, I would stay for a while (I love all live music, no matter the genre).
The music itself, the arrangements, the instruments, the mix, I find too bland, for my liking, too ‘sweet’.
Luna’s Tuna jumps out for me, positively (it’s the instrumental).
I’m not crazy about the main singer’s voice.
I can hear that they are experienced, professional musicians.

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@rebbel I agree, a little folksy and slow for me but the melodies and instrumentals are lovely. Reminds me a bit of Mama’s and Papa’s style but modern.

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We may be a little bit about the blind men and the elephant but I don’t get folksy or like Mama and Papas, who were known for their close harmonies, at all. I just listened to a few tracks but it sounded more like some of the other progressive English rock bands of the 70s like Yes and Led Zep. I could be ok listening to it but it doesn’t really grab me.

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It’s OK and has lots of energy but it didn’t blow me away. I don’t have anything bad to say about it but it isn’t really the kind of music I usually listen to. I did like the track “Down from London” on YouTube particularly the instrumental sections.

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Thanks everybody! About what I expected.

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Loved it as the mellow voice grabs attention.
( could be that one person sigining could go solo without too much music overtaking his voice.)
Most music today is TOO loud to take in the actual words so I like this one except couldn’t cath all the words of the song.
Otherwise I tliked it very much and in person it woul garner ab audience that laps this up.
Congrats! Good luck moving forward.

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My post should have had an @KNOWITALL before the first sentence. I was responding to her in that part.

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@janbb Agree to disagree. Nice music, though.

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^^ No prob. I just realized that my comment didn’t make sense.

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Thank you everybody!

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