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Does it matter if Superman is bisexual?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30582points) 2 weeks ago


This will be revealed in one of the next issues of the comic book series.

As you might imagine, this is raising all sorts of controversy.
Fox News

Hollywood Reporteer – Dean Cain- actor

Is this political correctness?

Does it diminish the Superman that you grew up with?

What does it matter?

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This question is misleading. It isn’t Clark Kent, but his son Jon, who is gay. What is wrong with that?

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It matters because it’ll mean new hentai.

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@Kropotkin It goes with the flow. Take it or leave it. After all, how much does one’s sexual orientation matter to their ability/job?

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m afraid you’ll find that old has-been conservatives are being made to read the comic by woke enforcers at gunpoint. That’s the sort of tyrannical communist NWO we have these days.

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According to rural US “Christian” radio, gay marriage and not converting or killing gay people and having a black man in the White House is responsible for punishments from God such as hurricanes and floods and tornadoes… so gay son of Superman… who knows what destruction it may cause in the Bible Belt, and how mad they’ll be about it.

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Oh sure, let’s fiddle around with culture wars while Rome burns – literally!

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@Kropotkin Ah, so we just need to dismiss the ancients that are vocal until they die off. Please…GLBTQ members have been around longer than you.

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Yes. My superheroes are not sexually driven. If they were, the common man and woman would be scared to death of a sex starved “man-of-steel” stalking them with a “stronger-than-steel” boner.

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It doesn’t matter to me, but it does seem like a PC bandwagon.

@Zaku Interesting, where in the Bible Belt do you live?

I live here, and have gay friends and couples living in a small town, some who have adopted or had children and they aren’t persecuted. I also have a black family behind me and a Mexican couple down my street who are not harassed.

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Of course not.

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Isn’t superman an alien anyway?

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He already is in a lot of porn comics. Guess who his main partner is.
Starts with B and ends in atman.

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No, because when being rescued doesn’t require being straight.

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@KNOWITALL I’m not even in the Bible Belt – this is just from listening to rural “Christian” radio on the West Coast!

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Representation always matters.

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@Zaku I’m not saying it’s 100% false but it’s definately not 100% true.
Sometimes I think those old Boomers preaching hate just do it for attention or rating’s.

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@KNOWITALL What do you think isn’t 100% true? I didn’t say 100% of rural US “Christian” radio has asserted that US acceptance of gays & Obama caused God to send bad storms at the Bible Belt, but it’s entirely true that the rural US “Christian” radio I have listened to (which is only a handlful of times, because it’s horrifying to me) did say that. The other broadcasts I heard were about obeying thine husband even when he’s terrible to you, and how Christians who support Democrats rather than Republicans are an evil ungodly conspiracy infecting their churches.

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@Zaku No one is out here in the Bible Belt running around killing gays all the time, anymore than ‘those darn liberals’ in California are liberal zombie communist pedophiles.

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I don’t recall any sex scenes in any Batman comic so how would we even know?

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This person isn’t real anway. Does that matter?

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I’m bilingual too, nothing wrong with that.

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It matters only to the extent that representation matters. Bisexual individuals get to see their lived experience represented in (mainstream) comics. Plus, gender attraction is at least on a continuum, so bisexuality better represents the experience of most.

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Bisexual – doesn’t that mean he has twice as many people he could be attracted to compared to being hetero?

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@RocketGuy No silly, that’s polysexual! BIsexual means half as many. ;P

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It doesn’t matter to me because I’m not watching superhero stuff anyway.

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@Dutchess_III you may recall a recent Batman cartoon was censored when it showed Batman going down on Catwoman.

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@KNOWITALL I wasn’t saying that. I was saying that the “Christian” radio reports that I heard, were saying that natural catastrophes were being inflicted by God, upon the Bible Belt.

I was mocking them by suggesting that if Superman’s kid were bi, they might expect more such acts of God.

Though now that you mention people in the Bible Belt who do kill LGBTQ people, while “killing gays all the time” would indeed not be accurate, I notice on this list of Fatal Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2020 that it looks to me like the number of recent LGBTQ violent deaths (while highest in Puerto Rico, and high in New York and Phileadelphia) seem disproportionately high (in comparison to the visible LGBTQ population) in southern and midwestern states.

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@Zaku I’m sure some areas are a bit more backwoods, like the WS groups up north. Pockets of ignorance.

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On the list of things that matter, it’s #757,532,444.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, certainly. And there are many great people in rural America in every state.

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@filmfann, no I don’t recall. Of course I haven’t read or watched Batman stuff since I was 9.

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First of all, Clark is not gay. He is married to Lois, and they had a son, Jonathan Kent named after Clark’s father. Jonathan’s best friend is actually Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son (AKA Robin). Currently Clark is off planet dealing with issues so his son, Jonathan, is taking over the Superman role. The title of the comic is literally “Superman, Son of Kal-El”. I’m collecting it and it’s good.

Second, Batman (AKA Bruce Wayne) is also not gay. He is in love with Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman).

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Just as a side note, I’m also collecting the current 8 issue run of Supergirl and it is absolutely fantastic.

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She’s bi, right?

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@rebbel Her sexual preference is not addressed in the current series. It does, however, start off with her getting totally wasted on her 21st birthday in a far off planet followed by her puking in a bucket with a hangover.

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Then he is no man

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Who wants to read a comic book where the main plot involves the super hero’s drive to get laid?

“You gonna buy that?”

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@kritiper That’s not the main plot point of the book.

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@rebbel And in case you think I’m kidding, check out this video starting at about 11:00. You’ll see the drawings.

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@Caravanfan Maybe not but how much of the book will be taken up by it?? Too much plot building on that subject!

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“Who wants to read a comic book where the main plot involves the super hero’s drive to get laid?”
Why do you think Hentai is such a big business?

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@omtatsat Then he is no man

On the contrary. Homosexuality can be quite manly. It takes a man to know what a man likes. ;)

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A fake man: “I want a girlfriend that is small, slim, submissive, and smells of roses.”
A real man™. “I wanna fuck a bloke.”

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@ragingloli I don’t think the lay of the super hero comic book involves hentai. Otherwise that would be all it was about.

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Supergirl is also and that doesn’t matter either.

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