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Do you say "I Love You" to your loved ones always?

Asked by Forever_Free (2835points) 1 week ago

Do you say I Love you to those people that matter most to you?
When do you say it:
At the end of a phone call?
As you leave the house?
As you go to bed with them?
Out of the blue “just because”?

Do you reserve this only for a partner, siblings, children?

Do you ever hold back on saying these words to those that mean so much to you?

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I rarely say it to people. I told my dog several times a day, though. It just doesn’t seem to come easily for me to say.

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I say it to my kids every time we get off the phone. I say it to my granddaughter too. I could say it to my stuffed penguin that I sleep next to but that would be a bit silly….

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I say it to my daughter every time I see her, I say it to my friends sometimes, I say it to my dog.
I come from a family that was not very loving (except my Dad) so I make a point of letting people know.

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I never say it. I think they all know it from my actions and it would feel awkward and superfluous to say it.

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I say it to my wife, daughter, and two doggies every day, multiple times per day. This is often accompanied by hugs and kisses.

I also say it to my aunt, my MIL, and some friends.

I’m an affectionate person. I think it’s important.

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Just to my husband and not every day, more sporadic, maybe once a month or once every other month. I do say things like, “you are my favorite person” and I tell him he is beautiful and all other sorts of loving things in between.

I never say it to my parents or sister or anyone else in the family.

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I say it to my girfriend frequently, to my children whenever we talk on the phone, to my 97 year old mother whenever I see her.

I started saying it to my father when he was 75, about the time he started reciprcating. We never said it when I was growing up.

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Every time I get a chance.

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All the time, even on texts. It’s a habit, because life is short and you never know when it could be the last time you get the opportunity to say it.

However, I don’t say it if it’s not true. There are some friends and family I never say it to and never will.

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Yes. Always.

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I say it to my children and best friend often.

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No, never. It would lose it’s impact if it was said too often.

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My grandkids invented uvu which we say everyday.

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I grew up with affectionate parents. And have only upped the ante since having my own family.

I’m pretty lucky. Since it’s not my parents’ cultural norm to be overly affectionate. Some of my cousins have said that they can count on their fingers how many times their fathers have hugged or kissed them. :(

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I don’t. I am shy about using “I love you”, even with my elderly mother.

Hugging is easy for me. Men, women, family, friends…I am touchy. But saying “I love you” is difficult.

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