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Can we come together to mourn another lost jelly?

Asked by SavoirFaire (27768points) 1 month ago

The moderation team has learned that @Yellowdog passed away on July 8, 2021. Several jellies have asked about his long absence. And while the answer to their question is sad, we hope that it will help bring closure to those who have missed him.

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If it is any comfort, his last visit to Fluther was on the day he passed. He was with us to the very end.

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@Yellowdog introduced me to GURPS recently. I will miss him.
Thanks @SavoirFaire for letting us know.

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Thank you for letting us know. May his memory be a blessing to his family and friends.

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I was afraid of that. It’s very sad news. Thank you, @SavoirFaire, for checking and letting us know.

I saw @Yellowdog as a good man. I respected his views even though I shared very few of them. I believed he held them sincerely, and he stated them with conviction but didn’t beat people over the head with them or behave like an obnoxious boor when others disagreed. They were personal convictions to him and not weapons or instruments of division. I appreciated his readiness to hang out in this fairly liberal camp and engage in discussions. That takes some toughness.

He was a decent fellow who seemed to carry a big share of the world’s troubles and yet retained his sense of humor and his regard for his fellow beings. I’ll miss him here.

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I cherish every point of view here. I mourn the loss of Yellowdog. Was his passing Covid related?

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Oh dear. It is always sad to hear of the passing of one of our members. I had wondered why I hadn’t seen his name recently. To Yellowdog, I say farewell.

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Sad I didn’t agree with him politically on anything but he was a good man.

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Very sad. I remember him writing about having dreams of building a house.

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This is sad news. I know he devoted a lot of time and effort to helping his community and others, I hope he is at peace. I didn’t agree with a lot of his points of view, but his concern for his people was lovely.

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What a sad news.
I checked his status every now and again, because I missed his contributions lately.
And when I say missed, I mean that in a double way; as in, I didn’t see them, and as in I didn’t miss them, and I did miss them.
Actually, and I’m 100% sure this was mutual, his opinions grinded my gears, regularly.
Mainly, or exclusively rather, on political issues.
I must admit that I sometimes got pretty angry with him.
But, and it’s a big but, I understood that he was a valuable member of his society, with a warm heart, willing (and actually doing) to help others.
People, it is said, and I agree on that, remember you from your deeds, your behavior, how you acted.
Not so much what you say.

Yellowdog, I salute you.
Your memory will live on.

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This is very sad news. I didn’t agree with his political beliefs, but I think he was a good and kind man. Very generous in giving to his community and to those in need.

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Thank you for the post to let us know, too. There were a few Jellies who disappeared and it’s nice to have closure, when possible.

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Very sad news. My sincere condolences to his family and the rest of the community. I disagreed with @Yellowdog about nearly everything, but he was tenacious and sincere in his convictions. I have to respect a man for that.

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Yellowdog mentioned his money troubles in a thread not too long ago, and he told me several jellies immediately offered to help. I’m glad he had the comfort of this community until the end. Rest in peace, Yellowdog.

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Whether aree with him or not he is missed as he was a mjor contributer on fluther.
His posts were thought provoking either way.
RIP Yellowdog.

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RIP, Yellowdog.

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Thanks for letting us know. I hope he went in peace.

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I’m sorry to hear this sad news but thanks for letting us know. I went from disliking @Yellowdog to being quite fond of him. For someone who could be very honest about his life he was still an enigma to me. I was never very sure how serious he was with his political views. I always read his posts with interest and I thought some of his imaginative writing was quite beautiful though I never told him. His personal circumstances seemed to be very difficult on all fronts but he maintained his composure and good humour throughout. I for one will miss him and I’m sorry I will never now get to know him any better.

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Very very sorry.

Thanks @SavoirFaire for notifying us.

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(Thank you, @SavoirFaire)

To be honest, I don’t remember much about his opinions and views. What did stand out to me was that he cared about animals and, imo, that says almost everything I need to know about someone. I remember him asking about building a house with dogs in mind.

I don’t know how to link it, but I saw this question, and it seems especially poignant that he asked it just 4 months before he left us: “When grieving, is it better to do things in order to remember (the bond, or love, is still there, though it hurts intensely)—or suppress and forget?” He only got 4 responses; I wish I had responded; it’s a good one. ​Bye @Yellowdog

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@filmfann No official cause of death has been made public, but @Yellowdog had ongoing heart problems and spent most of June “recovering from congestive heart failure, followed by a massive heart attack” (as stated by him here).

@smudges Thanks for bringing up those two questions. Here are the links for anyone who is interested:

If you had / have dogs, and were designing a house, would you design stairways a certain way to accommodate them? And how would you do it?

When grieving, is it better to do things in order to remember (the bond, or love, is still there, though it hurts intensely)—or suppress and forget?

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As always, I hate politics – But his didn’t matter to me as much as the humanity and kindness he showed more than once. He followed me in spite of our differences.

Rest in peace friend.

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Very sorry to hear this. I liked the guy, he was very honest.

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That’s a real shame. Poor @YellowDog. I hope he went peacefully.

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Oh no. He had a good heart and big dreams. Seemed like life wasn’t easy for him but I hope he is in Gods kingdom, as he believed. RIP.

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This is very sad. I knew Yellowdog on Askville as well as here. He was always kind and honest. I hope he passed peacefully and easily.

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Thank your letting us know @SavoirFaire.

This is such sad news. I hope his beliefs were a comfort to him in his final days.

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Respect to a guy who swims against the tide.
I like the lemming who runs the other way. If not for them…

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Oh my God. How did I miss this? I am so sad.

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Well I am rather late to this news too. Safe paths Yellowdog, I hope you find peace.

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Thanks for letting us know, @SavoirFaire. Hope he found community on this site. And peace in his passing.

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I know he dreamed about moving to NE Canada. This is such sad news.

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