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Why don't they clean up the streets of Philadelphia?

Asked by omtatsat (1229points) 1 month ago

The USA should feel ashamed of itself.

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Not all of Philly looks like that.

It kind of looks like the Bronx, which looks like a 180 from most of downtown Manhattan, yet is still technically “New York City” since it’s once of the five boroughs.

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It’s not just Philly, it’s everywhere. Drugs have taken over the minds of people.

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From what I have seen, cities in the northeast are noticeably dirtier than the rest of the U.S., and I say this as a lifetime resident of this part of the country.

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It looks like ” zombieland ” in Philadelphia!

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It’s not the USA’s problem. It’s a city issue.

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@Dutchess_III I would say it’s very much USA ‘s problem. It reflects totally on the USA. And the fat cats sitting in the government and the people they pay off are destroying USA

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I am speaking legally. It’s not a federal issue. It’s a state and local issue.

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