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What type of vegetarian milk do you prefer?

Asked by ragingloli (49285points) 1 month ago

For me, oat milk has been the preferred type, though its use is limited because it tastes like leftover milk from a bowl of cereal.
Almond is fine, but a bit watery and with an off after-taste.
Soy milk is just gross.

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Isn’t all milk vegetarian since all animals that produce milk for human consumption are herbivorous??

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I enjoyed Strawberry “So Good”, soy milk in my cereal in university. Now I drink lactose free 3% milk fat cows milk.

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I’ve started to really enjoy very cold “rice milk”, especially the coconut type. Otherwise, oat milk.

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It’s all gross, regular milk is gross too.

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Coconut milk is OK. I use it in cooking but don’t usually drink it.

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I’ve liked all the ones I’ve tried.

Almond milk if used with chocolate.

Soy or oat in coffee.

Coconut milk in tea.

I’ve noticed the brand matters. Some of the cheaper stuff is not as good or is prone to curdling.

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I read that it’s considered vegetarian because it’s not meat, but it’s not vegan, which makes sense.

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Silk almond chocolate is the best I’ve tasted but I can drink any. The oversweet vanilla is too much.

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Oat milk. I mix it 1 part to 2 parts milk (2% milkfat), heat it, and then (usually) add some coffee.

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Well, cows are vegetarian so cow’s milk works for me. Preferably whole, whole milk.

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Almond milk, but only Almond Breeze unsweetened original. A friend told me Aldi almond milk tastes the same, but I don’t trust her taste buds. Maybe one day I’ll try it.

By the way this dairy free ice cream pop is AMAZING if you like coffee flavored ice cream.

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I used unsweetened almond milk for a long time, I prefer Califia Farms. But a couple years ago I switched to oat milk. It’s a bit more conscientious regarding water usage, tastes great, and is not estrogenic like soy milk.

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I love soymilk and drink a cup with every breakfast.

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I think you must mean dairy free, vegan alternative. Oat milk is mine.

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I use almond milk the most because oats are often contaminated in the fields with wheat, so I don’t trust oat milk to be gluten free and I try to avoid soy. I saw someone recently recommending hemp milk for making ice cream and I’d like to try that. I usually used canned full-fat coconut milk for ice cream.

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