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Have you ever smuggled grass across a border (anywhere)?

Asked by omtatsat (1229points) 1 month ago

And what were the risks involved?

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No, but I smuggled some into a prison once. I had no idea at the time how stupid that was. I guess I just looked too innocent (still do, I’m told) to be suspected of anything.

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Have you thought about coming out of retirement?

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That worked for Clint Eastwood in The Mule sort of…

Pete Davidson and John Mulaney reviewed the movie on SNL. It gave them something to look forward to in their elder years .
Everyone needs a hobby.

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I went “backpacking ” in Europe in 1976. When we were in Amsterdam, we went to the Melkweg, and we bought a 30 gram brick of hash, which we smoked for the next three weeks.

When we flew back to the US, we still had about a half dozen grams left. We sealed it in plastic and added a handkerchief that had been soaked in ammonia, and stuffed it all into the tubing of our back pack frames. We got through customs no problem.

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@zenvelo and @Jeruba Both of those situations could have ended very badly!

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Whaaat?! I’m still getting over @Jeruba’s statement. Lol.

Nope, I’ve never even held MJ in any way shape or form in my hand.

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Am I the only one who is not surprised that the hippy chick did that (@Jeruba, of course!).

Yeah, into Canada very long ago, when crossing the border was no big deal. The border guards wanted to pat my goofy dog, didn’t care about anything else.

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No, not drugs. Honey and turkey jerky, yes. As for the risks, probably only having them confiscated. At worst, never allowing to cross a border again, but that is only a guess.

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Ooh, I also brought over Stink Bugs from the US to the UK inadvertently. My partner gently caught them and let them go. This was years ago. I still fear that they are breeding somewhere in the UK.

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I got falsely accused in Australia at the airport customs of carry drugs stuck up my arse!!

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Yes. Pot. Many times. State borders. Ain’t no thang. Very minimal risk.

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Wait, wait! I forgot to mention that it wasn’t for someone in the prison.

I had a sometime boyfriend whose older brother Pat was in the state farm on drug charges. The boyfriend (Tom) invited me to go with him to visit his brother. This was in the weird, glorious, dangerous, halcyon sixties, when that amounted to a date. I said yes out of sheer curiosity.

On the way down in the Greyhound, the guy in the seat behind us whispered “You wanna buy some pot?” I threw a five-dollar bill back over my shoulder, and in a minute a little baggie arrived in my lap. I put it in my purse.

So I was in the prison with it, in the waiting area, while Tom visited his brother. Afterward (and outside the grounds) we had a smoke.

Never until now, really, did it occur to me to wonder what might have happened to me. In those days, of course, mere possession was a crime and could get you a lot of time. But I believe the stuff I bought was going for $10 a lid then, so I had no more than half an ounce. Five dollars was about all I had, and that was obviously a sensible way to spend it.

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@Jeruba: Ah, the days of the “$10 lid”! We’re dating ourselves with those recollections! :-D

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Ah, dating one’s selves….
Story of my life.

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That’s OK, @rebbel nobody will go out with me, either…

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@canidmajor, I will go out with you, my dear.

Dating ourselves: inevitable. Here, not just the $10 lid but the mention of the sixties. They sure were fun. And I now shudder to recall some of the many ways I could have really got into trouble. Hitchhiking, for instance. Blind dates. Hanging out in Harvard Square at the age of 16. Comparatively speaking, a little pot was nothing.

Sometimes I just love thread drift. Sorry, @omtatsat.

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@canidmajor If only you lived in the Netherlands…

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This is like being 12 years old and finding out your teacher is a real person with a family and goes out at night to restaurants and bars and used to be an actual ten aged or young adult doing crazy things.

Thanks for sharing @Jeruba. Quite entertaining. I wonder if “the farm” is used in all corners of the country? I haven’t heard that expression in years.

I just realized the husband of a friend of mine ran an actual farm at a prison in New Jersey. He helped develop the agricultural section. It’s really quite interesting, and it a was very productive farm. I never put together the old expression the farm when my friend was telling me about what her husband did.

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What is said on Fluther stays on fluther.

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I don’t know about elsewhere, @JLeslie, but in Mass. it really was called the farm: Bridgewater State Farm.

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@chyna, Aw hellz no. Good thing we are all anonymous!!!

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Hey – if anyone’s moving to the Netherlands and dating @rebbel, I want to get in on the action.

As for me and illegal escapades, my beak is closed.

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@Jeruba Yeah, we used the term in NY also. I just haven’t heard it in years, but I haven’t lived in NY in years.

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One of the state prisons in Joliet Illinois actually is a farm.

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In Feb, 1973 a passenger and I drove a personal-use party stash from LA, CA to Hopkinton, MA.

For some dumb reason, I let the passenger persuade me to drive into Juarez, Mexico from El Paso, TX.
Zero probs with the Mexican border boys, but we were busted by the US border dorks upon our return.

I was one worried-ass-guy, because I had read about some dude in Texass who got 12 years for a single J, and they found a half-lid in my glove compartment.

Much to my surprise, I wasn’t going to see any cell time. Instead, they gave me a bill stating that in order to get my car back, I’d have to pay a $100 fine.

I then realized that I wasn’t busted by the Texasshole Ranger/narcs, but instead by US Customs. WHEW! Probably the biggest relief so far in this dork’s lifetime!

In September, 1979 I drove my stash from LA, CA to Vancouver, BC.

In prep for the smuggling, I lowered the baffle in my Datsun 510’s central air register.
I then placed 2 J’s on top of the baffle. Then I slowly raised the baffle to its topmost position, so that my stash was completely hidden.

When I arrived at the US-CA border, all the Canadian agent did was ask me if I was carrying any firearms or alcohol. I said no, so I was free to go.

When I crossed the border going back, there was no stash to be found by anything larger than a nanobot.

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Hey there, @omtatsat. You haven’t been around here for too long, so you might not know: yes, this is how it often goes on Fluther. One reason why we long-termers love it.

Also one reason why, some years ago, the Fluthergods separated questions into three categories, as you see above. Only in Social can we really run away with a question like this.

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“In Feb, 1973 a passenger and I drove a personal-use party stash from LA, CA to Hopkinton, MA.”

Actually, your stash only got as far as El Paso. :p

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@Jeruba Seems like they delete anwers that they don’t like. And they give no explanation as to why

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Well I once smuggled grass inside my sneaker into Malaysia. A risky job!

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Cuban Cigars somehow were in my suitcase from a trip back from London about 25 years ago. I have no idea how they got there.

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No. In my pot smoking days in the 70s I never had on my person or in my car. I never contributed to the party.

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In the Aussie airport customs they once found ONE grass seed in my luggage. Had to go to court for it and got a one year good behavior sentence. So dumb in Australia

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No, but me and a bud had to both swallow a roach once when the cops got behind us. Burned out tail lite, ticketed then on our way. Very close call though.

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This thread has caused me to recall some other forgotten things. One of them was this: what was the really stupid thing about the Bridgewater trip? It wasn’t even taking the grass into the facility. It was buying it from the guy on the Greyhound in the first place.

And why did I do that?

Because when he whispered his offer over my shoulder, I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t cool.

I committed a risky, illegal act with possible lifetime consequences because of the presumed opinion of a guy who whispered behind me on a bus and whose face I never saw.

Some of the stupid things my sons have done as youngsters look a little different when considered in that light.

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@Jeruba My daughter is constantly amazed that any of us are still even alive.
Me too, sometimes. :-)

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Some Indian guy in Bombay sold me what he said was hashish but it turned out to be Indian incense. Always wondered why I got such a headache smoking it. But at least I smelt good!

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