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Should I start a blog?

Asked by saranwrapper (2095points) September 14th, 2008

It seems as though all of my friends all of a sudden have one, or even two! (Yes I’m talking to you judyprays!) As a firm believer in the sanctity of peer pressure, I’m thinking it might be time to start one of my own. But starting one has so much work attached to it. I mean I’d have to think of a theme and a general tone. On top of that I’d have to become really interesting! I guess what I’m really asking is, Do people really care about what I think about topics such as, but not limited to, the mediocrity of Nicolas Cage’s career post Adaptation and my top 5 reasons on why all insects are out to get me?
What makes a blog interesting? What’s your favorite personal blog?

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A point of view, an angle, something special to say (or a special way to say it), a love of language and wordplay: all these will help make your blog worthwhile.

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Just try to shy away from personal ramblings. There are so many blogs of this nature that you would likely be the sole reader.

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Just ask yourself: do I like reading those blogs of my friends? Would I like to be writing one?

If yes, go for it :)

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If you’ve got something to say and no one to say it to, I’d say go for it. I used to get a few thousand hits a month on a blog I ran, but since I started my new one I get about 30 – 100 a month. It won’t make me famous, but I can spew whatever vitriol I want into the internet and feel better afterwards!

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If you have no inner drive to start and write a blog, there is no way that you will keep it up. Doing something because someone else is doing it is the worst possible reason.

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Do you have anything to say that might interest or amuse people who don’t know you personally? Can you write clearly and entertainingly? Can you commit to writing an entry every couple of days for the indefinite future?

If the answer to any of these is no, forget the blog.

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