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What are the two or three best yoga poses for improving balance?

Asked by kneesox (4227points) 1 month ago

If I just do those and not a whole routine, will my balance get better?

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Better than if you don’t do anything with your body, yes.

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Some say that Tai Chi is the best exercise for balance. I do it daily simply because it is a good way to start the day. It is not that difficult. I can’t personally attest to any improvements in balance.

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I was thinking modified Tree pose (raised foot at ankle, not calf or thigh) and a couple of Warriors. I can’t do Dancer any more because of foot injuries. But I don’t know if it helps at all to do just one or two instead of a whole regimen.

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There are some great easy yoga routines on You can search for the kind of routines you want. I was doing a 7 minute routine every day during the lockdown but it does not focus on balance so you would probably want a different one. Several are specially for “seniors.”

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I’ve always believed that functional balance that improves everyday activity is always related to movement. So I think I agree with LostInParadise about Tai Chi.

I do my own version combined with free weights and calesthenics, but if your’re limited by an injury or other pain go easy.

Besides the video links other folks have shared, check this out :

A friend who’s been doing Tai Chi for years told me “If you’re doing things right it should look and feel like a slow dance.”

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