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How many times can you reuse a disposable Covid mask?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19628points) 1 month ago

I’m running low on masks this week.

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You should only use it once. If it was exposed to the Covid virus (and you really can’t know if it was) it needs to be thrown away, because you can’t wash it, hence that is why it is disposable, and meant for a one time use.

Note: cloth masks should be washed every time you wear it, for the same reason.

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If you are running low I would use a mask a few times. I’d alternate so the mask I wear today I would leave on a clean surface for 24 hours and then wear it again. I put it so the part that touches my face is up in the air. I do that with KN95 masks. I sometimes only wear it for an hour when I go shopping.

That’s not official advice, it’s just what I would do. After about three times I’d probably throw it out.

Something is better than nothing.

Mostly, I wear cloth masks, but the KN95 seems to be getting more important where I live since very few people wear masks.

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Cloth mask with no metal, microwave for one minute, wrapped in wet paper towel, after each use.

Disposable should be used once.

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I recommend KN 95s easily available online. As JLeslie noted, alternate wearings. With a KN 95, I would say five hours of wearings, assuming you have alternated their use. For the blue disposable mask, pitch it after one hour.

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We reuse ours for quite a while.

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I stuff mine in my handbag and pull it out whenever necessary. Sometimes I put them up behind the visor in the car. I can’t say how often they’re re-used, because I don’t keep track. This might not be ideal, but I haven’t yet gotten the Covid so apparently something about it is ok.

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As many times as you like; leave it in the hot car between uses. I wash disposable masks which is fine to do…not for the COVID (which dies in a couple days) but for the sweat and spit that gets inside the mask. Yuk. I put them in the wash with everything else and reshape them and hang to dry. I don’t always wash them but I have a huge store of washed (once) masks. I also have a ton of new ones. When Amazon had them for $3.50 a pack I bought a lot.

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I go until they get stinky – about a full day’s use. Yes, I generate aerosols when I talk, like any other human.

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I use until they can stand up by themselves

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Still telling lies and acting like a troll, thought you didn’t wear a mask and also not vaccinated.

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@Tropical_Willie I only use the masks that alot of people throw on the ground after they don’t want them. There’s no shortage of those!

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It’s 2 words @omtatsat. “A lot.”

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@omtatsat Still a troll . . . . . !

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@Tropical_Willie I am very consistent in wearing a mask. I hate them. They almost seem to symbolize todays society.

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You mean the society filled with idiots we have today? It’s easy enough to point them out.

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“I only use the masks that alot (sic) of people throw on the ground after they don’t want them. There’s no shortage of those!’

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