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Reportedly, Facebook is looking for a rebranding of their company's name. What would your suggestion be?

Asked by rebbel (33467points) 1 month ago

Rebranding because their current name leaves a foul taste in many people’s mouth.

Any cool ideas for a new name?

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I think Zuckface would be the most appropriate way to truly identify the brand.

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@zenvelo I might swap a few of those letters around!

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Advertising Paradise

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Oldie, but goodie: ICU
Might pose problems with the old chat company; trademark infringement.

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Zuckface is great.

Other ideas:


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@chyna Were you inspired by Gangsta’s Paradise?

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Happy Mc Birthday Book

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Enron. (Facebook is going to have the same fate).

Fecesbook. (obvious reasons)

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Now I want a word-replacing browser plug-in.

OMG, that was easy to find. Just type “word-replacing browser plug-in” into a search, and add the name of your web browser.


I’m going to try Zuckface to start with.

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WeSellYourPersonalInformation, Inc.

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LOL, now it does it everywhere for me, which threw me when I was reading this question and now it says, “Reportedly, Zuckface is looking for a rebranding…”

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Considering it all started because he wanted to troll campus chicks has always made me wonder about the driving force behind Emperor Zuck

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True, but it beats the way Ted Bundy trolled girls.

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Two-faced book.

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@chyna True. Many also said Ted Bundy was a “Nice Guy”

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I’m making a prediction that the name will have the word “world” in it.

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I think it’s been named metashit

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So their new brand is Meta, which is the third category for questions here. Guess we own Facebook now.

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Their new name Meta is short for Metamucil! Moe accurate.

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