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Can we make a list of products you own which lasted long beyond your expectations?

Asked by filmfann (49337points) 1 month ago

My wife is making cookies. She mentioned that the Kitchen Aid mixer we have is over 37 years old. She uses it quite often.
No one expects a home appliance to last so long.
Have you had an appliance or car or whatever that lasted well beyond expectations?

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My mom gave me her stand mixer, a Hamilton Beach, that she got as a wedding present in 1947. I still use it. My old stuff is still working, the newer stuff gives up pretty quickly b6 comparison.

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I have a Braun trimmer for nose hair that is at least 30 years old. Definitely not a glamorous appliance, but I use it weekly.

My Google Pixel 3XL smartphone is 3 years old. It works perfectly. I just ordered the Pixel 6. My 3 will stop receiving security updates next month. If I understand correctly, the new 6 model will get security updates for at least 4 years, so I should be able to keep it a year longer. It might not seem like a big deal, but I’m pleased the 3 has worked without a problem for 3 whole years. It seems I used to replace them after 2 years before.

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I picked up a set of four dining room chairs on casters at a yard sale 15 years ago. They finally expired, one after the other, this year, when the wood on the legs cracked.

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Well, these things last forever.

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My mom bought me a clock for my shower when I bought my first house in 1985. I’m still using it and runs great.

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Me. I didn’t think I’d still be ticking after all these years.

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My Collins English Gem Dictionary which I got for school in 1964. I still use it occasionally.

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1990 Mitsubishi Montero SUV, I bought in 1992 with 20,000 miles on it, drove until 384,864 miles. Replaced engine once, but second time it threw a rod out the side of engine, that was 2004.

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I bought a second-hand Bosch washing machine, in the year 2001, and it lasted until last year.
I bought it for €85, and expected it to last me a couple of years (knowing that the first owner probably had had it for some years too).
Not too shabby.

My parents had a washing machine/dryer that lasted some forty years, an AEG Turnamat.

In 1999 I bought a pair of Teva sandals (for outside/hiking) for then the exorbitant price of $200.
Still have them (and they’re still wearable).

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My heating pad was bought in 1970. A Sunbeam product….the real Sunbeam. It has been well used. The cover wore to the point having holes in it. I made a replacement years ago from an old towel. The same year was the purchase of my Sunbeam hand mixer that still works. I gave it to my daughter because I thought I didn’t need it but had to buy a cheap Black N Decker replacement because I use it more than I realized.

Also, I still have some oxford button down shirts from high school. They look just like they did then. I haven’t worn any of them in quite a while.

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My Atari computers from the 1980’s still work.

So does what is still my main computer, which is from about 2010. It has had memory and hard drive upgrades, and a newer video card, but that’s about it.

My phone is from 2017 and is going strong, though I am going to need to replace it because of evil phone company shenanigans that are not about the phone being out of date.

I have computer speakers and a TV that are ye olde – not sure how old.

I’m still playing my first pen & paper RPG, which was first published about 1978.

I still use my grandfather’s kitchen knife, and I have a nice manual egg beater from probably about the same era. 70+ years old. My wooden desk may be from about that era too – I’ve had it for 40 years or so, as well as a table.

I have Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary from 1940 or 1941 (as seen on the map, which shows occupied territories from World War Two in progress).

Quite a few other things.

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My GE clock radio from Consumers Distributing for $19.99,
that I bought in the 80’s with my own money.

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Those KitchenAid mixers are heavy duty. We had one for 25 years and my wife used it multiple times per week. Worked like a champ. It actually still works, but got a bit off balance. It’s in the basement as a backup to the new one we bought this year.

I have a titanium Apple PowerBook from 2001 that still runs. I dropped a tripod on it once, dragged it around China in a backpack, had it rained on. Thing is indestructible.

Also, our maple dining room set is 25 years old and just now getting ready to be replaced. And we’ve hosted every holiday on that thing the whole 25 years.

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I have a wooden ironing board that was in the basement of the house we bought in 1976. I brought it to this house in 1992. Still sturdy – but who irons any more?

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I still use my Magnavox clock radio from 1985.

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My 36” SONY WEGA. It’s a massive beast of a tube TV, the picture is fantastic and it works with the NES light gun perfectly.

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@SnipSnip Need a good board?

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