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If you were to imagine up a fictional group or association that the UN/US/Britain were to go to war against 150-or-so years from now, what would they be called and what would they be like?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) September 14th, 2008

Okay, probably the longest question ever. Allow me to explain.

I’ve recently had the idea and inspiration to write a story about a love between a male and female soldier in a futuristic war. It wouldn’t be too far in the future, perhaps 150 or so years, so I’m coming up with sci-fi orientated machinery, weapons etc. I’ve got a few characters running in my head, but I realised that there couldn’t be a war with no-one to fight against.

The ‘good guys’ belong to a side based on the UN, but i’ll probably change that to something practically the same, yet new, like ‘Confederacy of Territory’ or something just as dumb. I’m having trouble coming up with the opposing team. Please don’t be mean and pick a country or two that you wouldn’t mind bombing the grace out of, I would like something fresh, a collaboration of several types of people. An international-mafia-with-a-whole-army-at-their-disposal kind of thing. Something organised with clear ‘world domination/control’ motives.

Help if you can!

P.S. If any of you want to know where my inspiration came from, there’s a PC game called Battlefield 2142 that I played a lot till my PC broke. Hopefully some of you will know what kind of stuff i’m talking about. My world is terrifyingly different, but that game was what gave me the idea :)

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If you want to come up with a good, meaningful name for them, first you need to come up with some background for them.. Who are they? Why are they at war with the UN? What Are their motives?

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Thanks for the tip =)
I’ll get started on it.

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(Disclaimer: This is NOT what I believe, I am not a “New World Order” conspiracy believer.)

How about reversing your premise, and taking the fictional UN to the end result of a “One World Government”, a Big Brother-like world in which all must feel the same, and obey the One World Laws or be put to death. Then your “good guys” could be the rebels who are attempting to get the masses to see the truth, and abolish “group think” in favor of individualism.

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They are the UN they have been crouped and the britan and a few other places must war agensed it, the US is dump crimanols and such, It colapsed as on of the gratest economic desasters ever in 2050.

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Mmm, I considered that, but isn’t that rather like V for Vendetta?

I would have liked to do that idea anyway :( It’s a good one for sure.

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