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Get marry or not?

Asked by jkmmmm (2points) September 14th, 2008

i don’t know what i want!

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Um, no.

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You don’t offer a lot of details, for The Collective

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If you’re not sure, no.

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I wouldn’t do anything you’re not sure about. Marriage is a big deal;

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If you have to ask a group of strangers and you’re not able to offer any pros or cons, I’m gonna go with: Hell no!

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You no get marry, see?

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Marry with uncertanties, unhappy you shall be.

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If you have to ask this question on fluther I would assume no. Marriage is a huge responsibility no one should take lightly.

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Why get married and make one person miserable when you can stay single and make rhousands miserable?
Marriage is a serious commitment not to be entered into lightly. I’ve just recently celebrated 28 years of marriage and I did it the hard way: two women.

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if your rich or have a good well paying job don’t, if not then it maters not cuz you don’t have anything big to loos if it goes wrog… apart from your wife.

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Just remember, a good marriage is based on honesty. If you can fake that, your in.

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@AC: your wives are two lucky ladies!!

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You’re telling me?

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Do you by any chance have “God’s gift to women” tattooed on you?

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If you aren’t sure, the answer is “no”.

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I think we should all get marry!!!

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Who is Marry?

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We could always make Marry!

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