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Which celebrities are known to have not taken the Covid-19 vaccine?

Asked by rebbel (33468points) 1 month ago

I saw a YouTube thumbnail about anti-vax ers, and next to Alex Jones, I saw Jim Carrey, and Robert de Niro portrayed.
I was quite surprised by that (or I must be totally wrong and they are vaccinated)...
Do you know a celeb that is, to your surprise, also a anti- or non-vaxxers?

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Eric Clapton, I believe.

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I’m pretty sure Nicki Manaj is an anti-vaxxer since she came out saying that her cousins’ friend had issues with his balls after getting vaccinated.

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@janbb EC lost his Guitar God status in my eyes because of this

Well he lost it first when he stole George Harrison’s wife too

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@Zaku Many of those listed died before the vaccine was available.

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@Forever_Free EC lost most of his cred with me when I read Patti Boyd’s book. It amazes me when people with everything act so badly.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been very vocal about being anti-vaxx. I was surprised to hear that someone with his background and education would be so stupid.

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@filmfann background and education have nothing to do with common sense. I know someone who can solve complex math problems in less than a minute but still falls for a pyramid scheme and once cited a meme as a reliable news source.

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@KNOWITALL Sounds like a new form of “coming out”. And of course a new wave of discrimination. Why do people even feel they have to announce such things?

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Jim Caviezel just spoke at an QAnon conference. Going to guess he’s not vaccinated.

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