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Don't you think Julian Assange has paid enough for his so called " crimes "?

Asked by omtatsat (1229points) 1 month ago

Seems not. The USA government would just love to put him on the electric chair.

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More importantly, why do you consistently add a space after and before quotation marks? Why ” crimes ” rather than “crimes”?

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Less important, yet still important enough: why do you use your quotes so often?
Doesn’t the ”so called” already took care of your assumption that the “crimes” are maybe not crimes (in your opinion)?

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@product Yes. It’s a bad typing habit
@rebbel Yes. You are probably right. I don’t claim to be a renowned journalist.
And please keep to the point and ANSWER the question.

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Yes. Don’t expect the US government to stop pursuing him until he’s dead, though. He embarrassed the US government, and he will pay for it the rest of his life.

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He is kept inisolation for a reason in that HE had discovered hidden evidence from all Governments,CEO, Compamies, Charities and so on and is NOW sought not for crimes but to USE as a undercover agent to spy on others.

He is sought for his competence and intelligence to better use him.

Hense the U.S. woulf love to have his knowledge to uncover these last few years especailly the Trump years!
In this case someone who knows too much is a threat to everyone.

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We are still dealing with the shit he caused, why shouldn’t he?

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The intent is to have a chilling effect on whistleblowers. Assange and Snowden are heroes.

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@filmfann We are rather dealing with the shit that countries like USA caused.

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I want him to be left alone.

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