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Weird eating habit?

Asked by mrileyy (16points) 1 month ago

I have a weird eating habit. When I take a bite of food, I can’t keep in to chew. What should I do?

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I do too. I can eat a little before I reject the food though; Even the good stuff. (Donuts, Steak, fish, veggies).

I suggest checking ones insurance if you are covered for a doctors visit. To check for cancer and other things.

Or you can access a food dietitian/nutritionist for ways to liquefy food so It doesn’t need to be chewed.

If your fine with it then you don’t need to think that you are weird or something. If your eating style doesn’t interfere with your life then you are fine.

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Check with s dentist to look for underlying issues.
There are many illness attributed to this symptom, also vitamin B12 deficiencey is named as well.

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