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People with grown-up children who moved back in with them because of the pandemic, how did that work out for you?

Asked by canidmajor (18686points) 1 month ago

My daughter didn’t move in with me because she was able to keep her apartment, but a number of friends’ kids had to move home. Some are still there, for some it was great, for others, very difficult.

If this was your experience, please share about it!

Or if you moved in with your parents because of Covid related issues, I would like to hear your perspective as well.

Please, only personal, first hand stories.

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My son was living with me when Covid hit, as he was in his first job and getting ready for law school. Then he did his first year of law school remotely from home. He is now moved into his own place where he can walk to class.

My daughter moved back home after graduating from college in May 2020. She lived here for a year until leaving for grad school in August, although she spent a lot of time at her mother’s place.

We all got along pretty well. One thing that we did was eat dinner together just about every night, no media and no phones at the dinner table.

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@zenvelo That is lovely to hear! I’ve heard some horror stories.

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I am a grown-up child. :) I moved back in with my parents in early 2020. I was living in a townhouse in Reno, attending grad school and working as a T.A., and when the lockdowns began in March, I was told that my classes would now be now online and I was going to be paid much less due to not being able to do my job in person anymore, so I thought, there’s no reason to continue paying rent and living here when I could be home, paying nothing. It was very easy. For one, I’ve always been close with my parents and they’ve always told me I could come home for any reason. My parents are the type who’d be happy if I lived at home forever, but they know that I don’t want that, so they’re happy for me to move out. Secondly, everything I needed to do for school and for work did transition to being fully online so I could absolutely do it all from home. The difficulty was in this online work itself, but I won’t go into that. The point is, there was no friction because I’ve always gotten along well with my parents so I knew even before going back that it wouldn’t be a problem. I only went back to Nevada at the beginning of this month when the new school year started. I’d been back with my parents in the Bay for a year and a half. After a while, I barely noticed it. Felt like coming home during undergrad (except my siblings weren’t here).

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My daughter moved back home for a year as she had to do school online. She was a delight but she was depressed because she wanted to be out of the house. She’s back down at school now.

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My adult son and his family have lived with us from time to time, but not recently. It’s always hard but we try to avoid arguing.

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My stepson moved in with us in September and was planning on moving out in January. Of course that was September of 2016 and January of 2017, but he’s still here. Covid has nothing to do with it.

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My mother in law passed away in early 2020. My son, DIL, and 2 year old grandson came in from LA to attend the funeral. That is when things got really bad in LA and they shut down the airport.
They stayed with us for just shy of one year. And it was GREAT!
We set up a bedroom for them and an office in the back room for DIL so she could work remotely. And we were able to take care and play with the little guy! I taught him how to identify birds and listen for their sounds. “Woodapecker!” “Boo Jay!” We played the accordion and harmonica Low note… High note…! We read lots of books: “Little Blue truck+ “The Circus Ship”, “A Camping Spree with Mr Magee” ! They went tent camping in the back yard and played in the sprinkler. He saw my barn being rebuilt and played drums in the storage container.
There were .some negatives: messes, lack of privacy, noise, but the positives far outweighed them. I’d do it again in a second!
We are planning to head out there in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see the little guy.

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@zenvelo, @Demosthenes, @Caravanfan, and @LuckyGuy, thanks for answering the actual question! I have heard some wonderful stories from friends, too, and, unfortunately, a few awful ones.

This time is so fraught for all of us that the joyful tales are wonderful to hear.

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There is something I forgot to add. I live on 5 acres most of it wooded and am next to a wildlife management area. We have a lot of rodents that come from “kind” people in suburbia live-trapping and releasing (illegally) in my neighborhood. To control the rodents I usually have a selection of traps around my barn, garage, storage shelters, house, etc. and they are kept busy. I feed the trapped critters to the neighborhood fox family.
While my grandson was here I could not do that. It would have been dangerous to leave traps out where he could find them – and I didn’t want him to see anything caught. So, for almost one year I took time off and let the neighborhood critters enjoy their freedom to procreate. And they did!
I am back on the job trying to catch up.

The b*stards at Google photos just sent me a video of “They Grow Up so fast” that has pictures and videos of the little guy. Oh man! For some reason my keyboard and display got blurry.
I’d gladly let all the rodents live if my son, DIL, and grandson moved back. It was that much of a pleasure.

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^Funny, my screen got blurry after reading that.

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@LuckyGuy has infected us all with a computer virus, my screen got a little blurry, too.
But how wonderfully fortunate for you to have had that time!!

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My wonderful Mother-in-law gave us a precious gift. Thanks MIL!

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