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Why does Joe Biden whisper like that?

Asked by TJFKAJ (947points) 1 month ago from iPhone
Like him or not, it’s an affectation that in my opinion is distracting from the message and a little peculiar. Plus my mom said it was rude to whisper. Why does he do that? Should an adviser suggest he stop?

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It’s for emphasis and to get people to pay attention to those parts. I think you may be correct that it’s perhaps not a great style, all things considered.

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My fifth grade teacher did that so we would pay attention. He was a Navy vet from Pearl Harbor, his loud voice on the playground with your name would give you shivers.

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@Tropical Willie
But Biden is a veteran of nothing except political office.
Plus I don’t think his voice is going to scare anybody.
Might be better though if he pounded his fist or something.

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Because he’s creepy and thinks it’s cool?

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Perhaps it’s his way of indicating that he is speaking off script (like he’s speaking what he really thinks) to try to hide that he’s actually reading every word from a teleprompter.

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I thought he just wanted to speak in a low forceful voice for emphasis but due to age and genetics it comes out as hoarse whispering. I really don’t care. He could talk with feces coming out of his mouth and I would still prefer him over the sociopathic evil douchebag.

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It could simply be due to his age.

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I think it’s wacky and even Stephen Colbert has made fun of it, and makes jokes like that Biden “doesn’t know where he is right now.” Those who know, know that Colbert is a liberal comedian so when those on your side are making fun of you, it’s bad.

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Because he is in the middle stages of dementia.

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It’s a speaking technique I don’t much like especially when used by the president. He is trying to create a sense of intimacy like a grandfather whispering to a grandchild. It gives the impression he is whispering a secret but his joke is that what he is saying is actually very obvious even those who deny it.

I’d like to see a younger president in the White House.

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