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What is shocking to you?

Asked by JLeslie (61650points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Right now I’m shocked how heavy I look. I just saw some video of me.

I’m also shocked my hair has been better the last year than it has been the last ten years. It’s fuller and the greys plateaued or maybe even I have fewer now. That seems odd. I’ve been in the sun more so maybe the highlights mask the grey.

Lastly, I’m shocked people don’t still try to distance or try to avoid breathing right into someone else’s face during this time of covid. I was out dancing and the music was loud, and when someone tried to talk to me they screamed right in my face rather than speak loudly next to my ear breathing behind me. I can’t deal with feeling peoples breath on my anymore. I’m don’t with that. It’s unnecessary.

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I’m shocked how many people are acting against their own self-interest as well as the health and safety of their families. If you’d have told me in 2019 that there’d be a fatal global pandemic and eventually multiple vaccines with high efficacy would be developed. Then told me that massive numbers of people wouldn’t want to protect themselves and their family members, I would not have believed you. I’d have believed you if you’d said we would degenerate into chaos, but not protesting school board meetings trying to make schools less safe for kids.

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I am shocked by how many people have watched Squid Game. Sure, it’s great. But it’s in Korean! I can’t get anybody to watch foreign movies with me!

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The number of gullible “sheeple” who believe conspiracy theories.
“The Holocaust didn’t happen.”
“NASA astronauts did not walk on the Moon.”
“The Earth is flat.”
“Climate Change is a hoax.”
“The vaccine will make you magnetic.”
It is really sad.

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How brief and sad life is.

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That the richest country in the world has no motivation to make life better for current and future humans.

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That one of my cousins passed of the same cardio issues (aortic aneurysm). All of my paternal relatives passed from the same conditions. One of 35 first cousins from my Fathers side. She was a year younger than I am and led a healthy lifestyle.
Shocked that it is now seen in my generation of relatives.

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@LuckyGuy I know! I have had people try to convince me that the buildings on 9/11 were blown up from the inside.

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How emotionally immature some people really are regardless of physical age.

Surrounded in a senior apartment block with immature behaviour or supposidly mature adults!

I feel like I am in a grade school class of kids.

Some here are still playing out old antics ..I guess self exammining ones behaviour is out of the question for some .

Had a Fire Drill yesterday in our apartment block.
It was scheduled and everyone knew about it beforehand.

Yet as appointed Fire Marshal for our side of the building..there were about three residents in turmoil over nothing!
Geesh caught lady running back and forth in emotional trama…calmed her down and had her take the other berzerk resident downstirs in the elevator.

Left one more close to dementia resident who clearly was confused and could not hold a thought for longer than a minutes without paniciking.

I was niot aware of her condition until later as many knew it was coming yet said NOTHING to the building manager?
I had to very SLOWLY mouth each word in order for her to comprehend…to go downstairs and we will meet at the bottom outside ( as usual during Fire Drills).

NOOOO she had to argue!

Frig I had three out of there heads and running around like shickens with there heads cut off.
I finally got another resident that was going downstairs as trained , to take her with her too.

Outside more chaos from two of them.
Got Building manager involved to investiage her mental status.

This was just a FIRE DRILL ( 4 per year) and what in the world
would happen if A REAL FIRE HAPPENS!

Well thats my day of chaos in an unstable environment.

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“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”-Blade Runner

Answer: Nothing

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