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Can you help enlighten me about terrorism threats to the US from Afghanistan?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26781points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I heard in the news that ISIS will have the capability to strike into the US mainland in several months. Is this simply because the US pulled out of Afghanistan? Why didn’t ISIS have the capability before? Could this be a prelude to another US attack on if not occupation of Afghanistan if a major ISIS strike does take place? Thank you.

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War mongering hype/false news/ scare tactic. Makes it sound like a flotilla of C-5 aircraft loaded with jeeps and trucks ready to drop onto Missouri and parade into Kansas City

Most of the articles on this are a few years old. And “attack on the mainland” is vague. We have had home grown right wing terrorits that poses a much greater threat and killed dozens of people.

ISIS and the Taliban don’t necessarily get along well in the sandbox, to use a kindergarten image.

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Homegrown terrorists are probably the biggest threat America (and other Western countries) have to deal with.
Lone wolves who think that ISIS spokesmen are speaking ‘directly to them’ when they talk about potential attacks on the mainland.

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The war has not ended, so stay tuned for the never ending sequel!
We will find a way to defeat the terrorists like ISIS and Al Queda, but we have to learn the right technique.

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Thanks jellies!

@kritiper I love your infectious enthusiasm and positivity. It makes it a little less painful knowing how much money ( tons and tons of hard cash ) Uncle Sam spent in Iraq and Afghanistan with seemingly…seemingly meager desirable outcome.

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From what I’ve heard, earlier this year we had home grown terrorists successfully storm and invade the Capitol. I doubt ISIS could pull a similar stunt.

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@rebbel ~I guess all the participants could have been duped and inspired by Russia or ISIS.

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No problem

Even in the most ridiculous nests of Islamism ( Saudi Arabia being the prime example, also Pakistan)there are high officials who know they would rather deal with the infidel US than lunatic murderers like Al Qaida, ISIS etc. So they give Westerners info and access in order to court favor, get money and gain protection from being crucified or burned alive.
That does not apply in a Taliban controlled Afghanistan.
The money the Taliban get and the secrets they keep are not revealed to the West. They are supported by sources readily known by the West. The threat is therefore invisible.
Thus, the potential for “surprise”

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That should be sources not known by the West

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The US always has to have a foreign aggressor. If the don’t have one then they invent one. It deflects people’s attention from what is really going on in the USA and it fills the bank accounts of politicians and fat cat generals.

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