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'Fess up: Have you gotten into the Halloween candy yet?

Asked by janbb (63031points) October 29th, 2021

And if so, which? I bought Reese’s peanut butter cups and Kit Kats to give out but one bag of Reese’s is going down somehow.

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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I stocked up on mini little Debbie Swiss rolls. Already through the first box, and no kids know that there’s an apartment here downtown.
My favorite Halloween treat is a chocolate bar. King sized dairy milk fruit and nut.

The worst treats are those orange taffiys with the witch picture on it.

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Nope! And I won’t.

We don’t get trick or treaters, and with both of my 20 something kids moved out, no excuse for busting my diet with a bunch of Kit-Kats.

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No for me also….stopped eating candy altogether and prefer fruit, thus deterred weight gain in fact lost weight too.

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Nope. I don’t buy it until the very last minute to safeguard from enjoying those reese’s that I buy and would devour.

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You have caught me out. I bought mini-Mars bars and small packets of Maltesers. I don’t really expect to give out candy this year as the young children next door have moved away so I have begun to eat it myself.

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No. We have 2 boxes of full sized Snickers and Hersey Bars to give out, but I know there will be plenty of left overs.

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Oh yes, I’ve probably gained 3lbs already.
@flutherother I love the malt balls, my favorite.

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Nope. I buy Reese’s PBCs because I know for certain that I won’t eat them. Gave one bag to my son, though.

I do always pick at least one variety that I don’t mind having left over, and this year it’s Snickers. But I find them all easy to resist beforehand because (a) I don’t want to run out of candy before the neighborhood runs out of kids and (b) I have my own supply of better stuff.

Last year we left the lights off. My husband was sick and we didn’t want to risk Covid exposure. Now I suppose we’ll play along, as we always did before.

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I did. I ate one bite sized Butterfinger, then hid the rest of the bag where I can’t find it.

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