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Who do YOU THINK killed Jon Benet Ramsey...

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 14th, 2008

just wondering what people think. How should society treat convicted child molesters/murderers? this is obviously an opinion question…no right or wrong answer- like to see other people’s theories..-thanks all.

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Why are we as a culture so intrigued with dead white girls? Who gives a rat’s ass, that was 15 yrs ago, and there are more important issues facing us today than Benet, or Natilie, or Calee….

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My gut feeling is that one or both of her parents had a hand in it. But really, it’s hard to say, because it’s all so weird.

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I didn’t do it. I didn’t investigate it. Why should I (or anyone else outside of those parameters) have an opinion?

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I don’t know who did it, but I do have an opinion on the second half of your question. I am not a proponent of the death penalty, but if I were, child molesters/murderers would be at the top of my list. Barring that, child molesters they should be locked away for life. I truly believe (through very personal experience) that pedophiles cannot be reformed. It is, for them, as natural as breathing. For that reason, they will almost always repeat the crime and should never be allowed the freedom to do so.

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I’m sorry if this sounds cold, but I don’t especially care about JonBenét Ramsey.

So many children are murdered around the world every year. Obviously I’m saddened that JonBenét isn’t alive today, but it’s hard for me to especially care about a murder of a beauty queen from Georgia that occurred twelve years ago when children are being raped and murdered every day in several regions of Africa.

The only reason any of us know JonBenét Ramsey’s name is because the media decided people would watch and read their programs if they focused on her death. For twelve years.

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Like lefteh said, there are so many other tragedies happening to children all around the world. So worrying about the Ramsey case is a bit silly at this point, unless you’re the family or the investigators involved.

Also, I personally don’t feel like it’s anyone’s business who did it, or anyone’s right to assume who did it.

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Some sexual predator stranger. They have DNA evidence.

@AlenaD You may not have kept up with the times. The parents had nothing to do with it. The District Attorney has publicly apologized to them for the errors in the investigation. There were semen stains on her pajamas. They do not match anyone in the house.

I do agree with all who said this case is no different than other murders of children.

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Ah, no… I never really followed the ordeal.. interesting.

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I think it was her brother. She got all of the attention.

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@Marina: it wasn’t semen stains. It was some new technology that says an unknown male touched her clothes. It’s some new touch-DNA.

The DA apologized, and they found male DNA from an unknown male, but that doesn’t mean the family had “nothing to do with it”. There was weird creepy stuff about that whole family from the get-go. I have no idea who killed her, but I still suspect the family had something to do with it.

I think a part of the reason this got so much media play was that it happened to a rich girl and it wasn’t solved right away. How this person gained access when the family is this well-off was one thing that amazed a lot of people. I think people who thought the family wasn’t involved had a sense of “no one is safe”, and people who thought the family was involved thought it was an example of the rich getting away with murder.

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maybe if we focus on this for the next 53 days our world will become a better place….anyone seen Brittany’s panties recently?

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I wish the children of poor families who have been murdered got 1/8 of the attention of this girl.

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@poof: So do I. I think they often not always, but often do when the case is unsolved or unusual in some way.

@allengreen: I don’t even know who Calee is, but I know who I’m voting for. We can have a discussion about other things once in a while, too. Cheers!

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I remember hearing the 911 call and thinking that it must have been the brother, but don’t really remember why anymore.

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I do think it was probably an accident. I don’t think he meant to kill her. I hope he’s getting therapy.

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I think it was one of the parents and it was essentially an accident. The “new” evidence only shows that some untested person touched something she wore.

To the other users here – why would the preponderance of other deaths make this one any less interesting or important? There are 20,000 peoople who starve to death every single day, so will you say we should skip eating breakfast. Where’s the connection?

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Wasn’t there a report that at 6 years old, Jon Benet was still wetting the bed? That suggests a child with problems. That poor child, it was someone in her family, must have been.

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