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Anyone have experience with Wireshark(wifi sniffing)?

Asked by Truefire (155points) September 14th, 2008

Does anyone here have experience with Wireshark, and converting the results to human readable text? I figured out how to find info, but I don’t know how to make much sense of the results. Anybody know how to convert, with a program or mathematically?

I’m a white hat, and have no intention on using this against anyone. Mostly for educational purposes, and ‘I told you your network was insecure’ bragging rights, etc.

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i’ve used some packetsniffers, and it’s already pretty readable, if you know what you’re looking for, seeing as i’ve read the previous question, do you want to prove to dad that pop3 isn’t that secure when using a packetsniffer ?

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Not necessarily, but knowing how to prove that would be a plus.

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you don’t really know what to do with a packet sniffer do you ? i like to use it to see what’s going on on a network, check out what is being send inside, but how do you want to use it to prove to that that you need to get a better firewall/virusscanner ?

“see, right there, see that, see, that’s requested packets being send over a network!”

it would be wise to get to understand why you would need that extra protection…

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No, the questions were unrelated.

Obviously you can intercept packets unencrypted over a network. I was looking more for interpreting where one user is going on the internet using a given computer. This is related to my SSH tunnel question, because my best friend warned me of that occurring at the college I go to.

I’d like to understand the methods behind potential attackers- and it’s a pretty neat, and possibly useful skill to have. Not to mention, if you know your enemy you can better defend against him.

I do know why I need the protection, and I know the theory of packet sniffing quite well, thank you. If you don’t believe me, read some of my articles at .

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If you want an easy to use program that’ll show what’s going on, on your network try EtherApe . Has a nice little interface that shows exactly what you asked for as far as where each user on a network is going. Used in conjunction with Wireshark you’ll be good to go.

You’ll need linux to run it, but if you’re really serious about pen testing and network analyzation, you should be using it anyways.

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@fWrex: Thanks! Yep, I’ve been using Linux as my primary for about two years, no problems there. I’ll go get that now…

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