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If you had a windfall of $1,000 and you had to spend, not save it, what would you buy?

Asked by janbb (59333points) 3 weeks ago

As asked.

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A star tracker, for astrophotography.

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I’d take both my mother’s for a shopping trip for an early Christmas and lunch.

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This time of year I’d donate it to the local food banks.

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I might buy stuff to re-do my living room, since that’s my current plan. There’s nothing else that I really need right now – not buying a new car for a few years, hopefully, don’t need clothes or jewelry or more “stuff.”

If not for buying stuff for fixing up the living room, then I’d spend it on a little trip, or some tickets to something with my daughter – concert or play, which would use up about 400 to 800 of it. I hear Metallica is coming to Las Vegas and that might be a fun way to use up 1k.

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I’d probably spend it on Christmas gifts for my wife and family.

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Pay off debt.

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@rebbel You don’t need to spend $1000 for that. There are plenty of less expensive options. If you’re serious, I HIGHLY recommend talking to the people at Cloud Break Optics. They’re really good there and I’ve bought several astrophotography-related equipment from them. There are other companies, but I like Cloud Break the best. The owner, Matt, is terrific.

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If I had to spend it, not save it, dinner at French Laundry.

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Pay for ⅓ of my car insurance bill.

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Right now my Nisan needs rear axle bearings, seals, and brakes. Cost could be around $700.

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I’d buy $750 worth of Christmas dinners to be given to those who don’t have the money to have a nice meal at home, and spend the rest on clothes for myself.

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Right now? I’d probably pay for $1000 worth of help with my house-clearing project.

It’s nice to know so many people ^^^ would donate it or spend it on someone else. That wasn’t my first thought, but I can see giving several hundred to a local women’s shelter or food bank.

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I’d probably buy a brand new turntable. I’ve been wanting one, but all the mid-tier models I’m looking at are around $1000 and I just can’t justify the expense. This would be the chance to get one.

@zenvelo That’s on my bucket list.

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I am in a fortunate position. I can buy anything I want – and that is exactly why I don’t.
I can, because I don’t. There is no need.

But, if I had to spend it, I would fund a student research project for the Rochester Academy of Science. Those projects and the skills developed can be life changing. I am always amazed to see what they accomplish with a little support.

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I’d give it to garden project for people to grow their own food in my city; seeds, tools, soil and watch them enjoy next summer.

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Throw a big bbq for all the nurses at my local hospital.
Those people aren’t shown enough appreciation for their work.

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I would buy some shelving units. One for my closet and a couple for my office room. Nothing fancy. I’m not sure how much they cost?

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I would buy a new kitchen table. I’ve had mine since 1995. Not that it’s old and decrepit, but it doesn’t go with my kitchen.
I have no idea how much they cost, but if there is any money left from that, I will give the rest to a local animal shelter because they just confiscated 90 cats from someone’s home and they are in much need of all things kitty.

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I recently had this happen. I paid off debts.

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Probably pay off some bills.
Not the most exciting answer. :P

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I’d get some arboreal maintenance done to the urban forest living in my yards.

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My daughter is a budding programmer and asked for a desktop computer for Christmas, so I’d probably get her a really nice one of those.

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I really need a new laptop, I forgot about that. A new vacuum cleaner too.

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Honestly Bitcoin right now. I know that’s a clever way to get around the no saving rule though. If I had to spend it I’d probably get a new water heater. Mine is 30 years old (yes you read that right) and could go at any time.

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A grocery store trip and donate the food.

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A honking beef rib from Montana’s steakhouse, and 3 hours with a psychologist , to help deal with my grief. Also groceries with whatever is left.

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A camera.

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More food preps.

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Since my HVAC needs replacing. . . . plus many more.

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