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Were you surprised that JFK Jr. was a no-show in Dallas, Texas, last week?

Asked by rebbel (33440points) 3 weeks ago

Did that potential bombshell reached you, through news outlets?
Qanon followers headed to the grassy knoll because they were convinced, or led to believe, that JFK’s son would show his face there (but he didn’t…).
Apparently he would be announcing he would be running for vice-president, come 2024 (a Trump-Kennedy ticket).

So, percentage wise, how high did you think the likelihood of him showing up was?

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I love when people like that show their ignorance!
I was not expecting JFK Jr to appear.

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~He saw his shadow and we will have six more weeks of fall.

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Never heard a word about this. Interesting that it got to another country though.

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No because it was all designed for free media to post a meeting there of Qanon members.
The media is catfished by Qanon.

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@Inspired_2write Really?
Is that what was going on there?
The chanting “Did we land on the moon? No!!” was also staged?
And the attending of the ‘Stones’ concert, afterwards, where it was said that Keith Richards was actually JFK Jr, was too?
I wonder what kind of personalities would lend themselves to be part of such ‘pranks’?
” Hey, I pranked the press last day, in letting them believe I’m a JFK Jr truther, while I was attending an event with a bunch of people who do believe, or actually are convinced, that Trump is still the President, that children are trafficked through a pizza chain, and celebs drink children’s blood, not to mention rape and eat them. ”
“Haha, got them! ”

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I heard he was flying in with Amelia Earheart.

Believe Me, it’s going to happen.

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Holy crap, no!

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There is a very high probability at least 1 CO2 molecule from his last breath showed up.

Caeser’s Last Breath Problem

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Stephen Colbert did a whole thiing on it, last week. Hilarious!

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Yup, never met a conspiracy conspiracy theory I didn’t like.. And QAMORON is now my go to for all the news that is news ; )

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Actually, it was Andy Kaufman pretending to be JFK Jr.

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Not in general so yeah, shit for brains those who actually believe in this…crap.

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Like Jesus… dead people tend not to reappear, despite what people think.

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@elbanditoroso I was just thinking along similar lines. These people must be desperate. Anything to get their God Trump back. On a ticket with a Kennedy for crying out loud? That’s like running Karl Marx and Hitler. Now I expect to see them on the news, jumping around, writhing on the floor, and waiting for Trump to come back. Somewhat like the the Christian Fundys do for Jebus. It has only been 2,000 years, but any second now.

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No, but I was plenty surprised that he was expected.

I kind of wish he had showed up. He might have had some interesting things to say to that crowd.

Say, was the crowd bigger than Trump’s inauguration crowd?

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Nope. Sounds kinda odd. Not sure why anyone would believe he was going to come back from the grave to suddenly make an appearance on the grassy knoll. Even if he faked his own death, he did so to avoid the lights of politics. To suddenly appear to announce a candidacy when he has shown no interest in even interacting with society seems illogical to me.

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What kind of a twist would it give to things if the right wing extremists developed a sudden enthusiasm for the Kennedys?

It seems to me like the Q behind QAnon must be laughing at his own followers.

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Several people said he did show up and they saw him. He wore a beard, so must people didn’t recognize him.

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I heard the fact people would be waiting, but I made no effort to see if it happened. Obviously it was not going to happen, but a small part of me wishes he were still alive, not for political reasons, but simply that it would be preferable to an untimely, violent death.

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@YARNLADY now that is funny.

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My husband told me about this.

If that ridiculousness doesn’t cure the halfway normal people who somehow got caught up in QAnon BS then nothing will. I guess that makes them not halfway normal after all.

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@YARNLADY…it was ZZ Top.

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Wait, so ZZ Top was JFK Jr. ALL ALONG and we never would have known it, but for Q. But it was exhausting, so he faked his death so he could stop having to pretend to be JFK Jr. It all makes sense now, right?

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You got it. In the same way that Elvis had to fake his demise because Martians were threatening to blow his cover as The Grassy Knoll Gunman. You are now officially Woke. Rejoice, and join our demented, uh, our Happy Throng!

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Zero odds any of those batshit crazy rumors could be true – And 0 fucks given.

So much psuedo political garbage to ignore, and so little time…

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Talk of hidden military ops to run the global cabal to ground are reasonably well supported by a wide range of signs. John John being alive is supported by almost nothing.

The wish for his existence comes with a wish for him to unify the country as its next POTUS. The belief that as John John, he would be immune from a media-driven slander campaign, is hopeful but naive. The psychotic hyena pack we call media would even go after Jack if he walked back out alive.

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He showed up yesterday. He wrote the date down wrong. Everybody missed his appearance.

Fear not, he will be back. He was last seen heading back to Martha’s Vineyard.

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Was Elvis with him @Forever_Free?

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