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In your opinion, what age is considered "senior citizen?"?

Asked by jca2 (12349points) 1 week ago

In your opinion, what age would a person have to be to be considered a senior citizen?

I googled it and the answers from the internet are vague, and make reference to being elderly, and/or retired, and/or living on a pension. As you may know, that leaves a big span for eligibility.

I recently attended a senior citizen luncheon and I forgot whether they said you had to be 50 or 55. I met the criteria for that, although my friends thought it was funny and it was kind of funny, because I looked like I could have been a granddaughter, since the majority there were in their late 70’s and 80’s.

What do you think?

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My mother still maintains to this day that “old” is ten years older than she is.
She turned 97 this summer.

I am happy to be considered senior any place that gives me a discount for it.

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I don’t like to be called a senior citizen, being in my mid fifties.
I keep the 65 year mark as a rule to call someone that.
Although in the Netherlands you are 67 these days, in order to get pension.

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I personally hate the term but I would guess it to start at around 65–70.

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AARP in dedicated to people 50 years or older.

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We get Social Security at 62. I’m good with that.

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I started passing for 21 when I was 14, I’d get served at restaurants and bars and at 18 I’d go to the liquor store for the guys that were 19 and 20.

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It may depend on whom you ask

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I would say 65, but you can get an AARP card at age 50. Although, even with the card some places that give discounts for AARP won’t give a discount unless you are at least 60, or whatever age they decide to pick. That’s partly why I did not renew. Maybe if they lower Medicare to 60, I will lower my answer to 60, but it is not just driven by that, it is also when I perceive most people are retired, it is when I think it’s difficult to be confused with someone much younger.

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@JLeslie I got AARP discounts in Italy, 25 years ago. When I was 50.

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When I book hotel reservations now, I use AAA and AARP and check which gives a better rate. Some hotels have late checkout for AARP. When I book it, the info online says AARP discount is for 60+ but when I check in, even though they see my ID they don’t seem to care that I’m not 60.

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I usually stay at Marriott hotels and I get late check out through that. I don’t remember if they have an AARP discount, I should check that. I know several of the restaurants where I live I had to be 60 to get any discount. Some checked if I was 60 some didn’t, but not many had the discount anyway. I haven’t gone anywhere because of covid, so it didn’t really matter last year or this year.

Marriott seems to be 62 and up. It isn’t AARP it is a senior discount.

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I would ditto @canidmajor , as long as I get my discount, call me whatever you want. As well, I like the idea of being exempt from jury duty, due to being over 65, and having high blood pressure. So I guess I’d go with the poster above, who said 65. And I suppose there are worse things, than being called a Senior Citizen.

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@Nomore_lockout And I suppose there are worse things, than being called a Senior Citizen.

I’d rather be called anything besides a senior citizen. I know it sounds very negative, but I started feeling somewhat old (number-wise) when I turned 40. Definitely felt old at 50, and felt like a senior at 60. I don’t use discounts unless I’m asked if I want to. I think maybe I should see a therapist regarding this attitude I have about age – I feel like I’m just waiting around to die. Sorry, I hope I’m not bringing anyone down, but I don’t have anyone to talk to about feeling this way.

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@canidmajor My grandma used to say the same thing. Thank you for reminding me. :-)

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It’s actually defined by law in the US.

49 USC 5302 (18):
Senior .— The term “senior” means an individual who is 65 years of age or older.

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As long as long as I don’t have jury duty, I’m good.

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I would say 65, though the pension age has risen to 66 in the UK.

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65. The senior discounts are there to promote sales; that is why some of them start at age 50.

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What, no more jury duty? Somehow I never heard that. Is it mandatory to be excused, or do you have to ask for it? I would think retirees would make good jurors.

I guess i pretty much consider 65 to be the transitional age, although when I was 65 I was still resisting it. My husband was older than I was, so I always let him pull out the driver’s license or AARP card so I didn’t have to show mine.

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I just googled and the age in many states where jury duty stops or where prospective jurors can ask to be excused is 70 (Texas, Michigan, etc.) and there is no maximum age in some states (like NY).

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I was preemptively excused from jury duty last year because I was over 65, and the Covid vaccine wasn’t yet available to the public.

I think my cat will become a senior citizen of my house when she turns 15, which will be in 2027.

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In Texas I tinkk it goes by county. All I had to do was check off the boxes marked over 65 / high blood pressure, and mail it back within 5 days. @Jeruba

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Here one has to be 65 years of age to obtain Senior Benefits however those who recieve other benefits such as Disability,and or finiancial disability can recive special funding geared to their individual situations.

Here our Senior apartment organization had changed the name on our building from Seniors Apartment block to Citizens Apartment block. so that those 50 years and up can live here supported by the Governments ( Provincial and Federal Benefits ).

By doing so it helped out a lot more people who would had been distitute.

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Somewhere in the mid-60s is typically where people have put this milestone. Lots of excellent specifics above, AARP at 50moview discounts at 60 some places, Social Security can start at 62 but more commonly at 66+, NYC transit lets you ride for half price at 65.
Ancient Ayurvedic tradition marks a milestone at the second Saturn return, when Saturn is in the same place in the sky that it was when you’re born, this is a little less than 60 years.

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