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Will Washington Mutual fail in the next 14 days? 9/14 08?

Asked by allengreen (1618points) September 14th, 2008

Call me prophet of doom, I called Lehman failure last week…..A run on Treasuries?Anyone?

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Oh ya, Wa Mu’s going down.

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…does that mean it’s time for me to withdraw my $13 I have there?

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Ill give it a two months since the government bailed it out.

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The Gov did not bail our WAMU….they are toast very soon

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They haven’t yet but they will the markets cant take another major corporation failing.

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The entire system is about to sieze up….it is official….the Republicans have destroyed America.

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The liberals are as much to blame in this matter as the Republicans. They control the house and the Senate and could have instituted legislation to lessen the severity of this crises.

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So the Republicans that have controlled all 3 branches of Gov are not to blame? The Dems, with a 51–49 Lieberman majority are at fault?

Do you know how the Senate works? Obviously not, need 60 votes.

The Repubs have deregulated the mortgage and financial markets that has made all the fraud possible, right or wrong? Remember the S& L bailout? All the same players are now in power as then?

You are totally clueless, are you not? The majority party that controlled all 3 branches of goverment is not responsible—the “personal responsibility” folks?

What rock have you been hiding under? Bust out the Google, before spouting garbage…..and open your eyes, the Republicans have destroyed America, hide your head in the sand, but it changes nothing.

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No what i’m saying is that this crises has occurred when the democrats control the house and the senate. Also i assure you that the republicans will not vote solidly on party lines if it means helping end a crises, there to concerned with getting reelected.

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@gray “this crises has occurred when the democrats control the house and the senate.”—-so if Obama get’s elected and the markets go down 10% on /1/21/2008 it will be Obama’s fault since he was in control?

Therefore, George W Bush is responsible for the attack on 9/11?......most of you folks blame Clinton don’t you?

Is the cognitive dissonance unbearable?

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Hey you two, stop the bickering. We all know that it took the effort of many of our elected leaders, Republicans and Democrats, several years to get us here.

Back to the Question:
I actually thought WAMU closed up shop a week ago.
So the question is a surprise.
Any deposits you have are safe (FDIC insured for 250K/account holder), so Lovelocke, no worries.

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