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Anybody use OpenOffice on a Mac? Do you like it? Or should I buy MS Office for Mac instead?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) September 14th, 2008
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you should just buy iwork if you ask me….then again, that’s my advice

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I like OpenOffice, but I have only used it in portable version. I have the windows and mac versions on a USB thumbdrive that I have on me at all times. I always have my files and office apps with me, wherever I may go!

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I use OpenOffice on the mac, but make sure you use the Aqua version and not the standard version. You’ll bang your head against a wall trying to get it to work if you use the regular version, so just ease the pain and go with the aqua version. iWork is nice and for the price it’s definitely worth it, but I gotta support the Open Source movement so I’ve stuck with OpenOffice. Again, AQUA. =)

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I suggest iWork
I’ve been using it for a couple years now. It takes a little getting used to, but in the end it’s a much nicer experience. And you can open any MS office file, as well as save your work so it opens in MS Office.

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I’m going to go ahead and say iWork as well. Office really isn’t necessary and I wouldn’t trust OpenOffice that much.

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@argaudette Why wouldn’t you trust OpenOffice? not trying to start a fight. just curious

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Used it at one point, I guess this was before the Aqua version was in full swing, and it happily crashed on me quite a bit. But I haven’t tried it in a while, so I shouldn’t judge really. Though I am extremely happy with iWork, haven’t had a need for anything else.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for the insight. I have to say that the Aqua version works fantastic. The regular version on OSX is terrible. It crashed on me all the time and when it wasn’t crashing, it wouldn’t even boot. So I totally understand where you’re coming from. Give it a shot and see what you think now. =)

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