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What happens when a newborn infant's parents can't agree on a name?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23822points) November 12th, 2021

What happens?

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When the nurse comes in, if the father isn’t there, the Mom makes the call.
My daughter had to deal with this issue. She just waited till the time was right.

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Child should brace for rough weather.

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The municipality will call it Chad or Daisy.

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The birth certificate just says the gender and the last name and can be updated when a first name is picked.

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They name him/her “Bob.”

Or they let the child legally change their name later.

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They put the baby back into Mom until an agreement can be reached. She usually gives in fairly quickly.

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Gee, I’m the only one who gave the real answer and no GAs?? Thanks a lot guys.

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I actually had a co-worker with a two-year-old, nameless daughter. Every time my colleague suggested something to his wife, she’d accuse him of cheating on her with a woman by that name (yes, the wife was mentally unstable). The couple referred to the girl as “sweetie” or “baby.”

Co-worker brought the little girl to an office softball game. Someone, unfamiliar with the sitation, asked her, “What’s your name?” The group of us froze in discomfort, expecting drama to ensue. Instead, the girl smiled and said “Allie.” I have no idea how the child got named; I’m guessing that her father had had enough and handled things unilaterally.

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lol @janbb You’re right, I’ll give ya one!

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I think, generally, it’s Mom’s call. In my experience, anyway.

When my daughter had the twins she’d had names picked out months ahead of time. I happened to be in the room when the lady was taking the information for the BC. My daughter said “The girl is named Savannah.”
Lady said “And how do you spell it?” My poor daughter went blank! She looked to me for help and I saved the day!

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They usually make up a hybrid name.

E.g., if one parent prefers Dorothy, and the other one prefers Karina, then they name the daughter Dorkarina. ;)

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@Dutchess_III It was my call for my son. Mom was going through emergency surgery. I was standing in the hall outside the room when they wheeled him up as healthy snuggly in that blanket as he could be. We had not finalized the males names because we thought for sure it was a girl.
When the nurse asked to record his name, I looked down at him and decided then and there that he was an “Andrew”. I can still see that moment in my minds eye clearly.

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Oh cool! And IS he an “Andrew?”

When my son and his wife got pregnant with their second girl they decided on the name “Zoey.” I was blown away. “Zoey? Zoey? Zoey???? What kind of name is that???”
It turns out it fit the kid to a T. Z for Zoom, Zany, hilarious!

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@Dutchess_III An Andy or Andrew through and through

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Personally, I think that if parents can’t agree on a name then it should default to the one giving birth. The person who carries the baby has to go through all of the pregnancy-related issues, and then has to physically birth the baby. So it should default to that person if agreements can’t be made. If one parent absolutely hates a name, like just straight up despises it then that name should be discarded. But overall, the person carrying and birthing should def have the final say.

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