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Do we actually want a MetaVerse?

Asked by rebbel (35501points) November 13th, 2021

And if so, do we want Zuck404 to be the one to design and exploit it?
Would it be a better/good/idea to source the design and development out to the community?

How well versed are you already in the MetaVerse workings?

Can’t wait, or can’t stand (the idea of) it?

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Hell to the no. I’m ready for Zuckerberg to take his hands off all my verses – real and meta.

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I’m down, pretty excited about it. Apparently he can get it done so let’s give it a chance.

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It seems like a flying car kind of idea. Like us old farts like me and Zuck who were raised on Futurama and Ghost in the Shell know what the future of the internet will be because we saw it on TV when we were kids.

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It’s spelled h-u-b-r-i-s.

Do you know about digital clothes? Next stop: people become obsolete. Hey, we’ve been there in the movies already, right?

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Don’t want Zuck in charge of it. This type of thing needs to be decentralized and open.

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Did we really want mobile smart phones knowing full well we would be talking/texting while driving?? How stupid are we???

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The more civilization “advances” the more it seems like a sports car driven by a five year old child who has never read the highway code.

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It just feels like there will be more cons than pros with humanity participating in this metaverse experiment. What on the surface comes across as a potential place for greater and truly beneficial connectivity between humans on a global scale could also end up being the cause of its own destruction given the time.

Both cases happening feels inevitable at this point if this metaworld gets built. So…no I don’t want it. I’m curious but humans are getting more stupid faster than getting smarter these days.

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I don’t.

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