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How do I hook up to the internet and purchase songs for XBOX 360 "Rock Band"?

Asked by waterbearer (227points) September 14th, 2008

My daughter’s friend brought his Rock Band over this weekend, and since there weren’t many good 80s tunes on there, I told them I’d buy them some tunes if they let me buy some from MY generation. There were no instructions in the box, only something that looked like a phone cord. He said he thought it had to be hooked to the cable modem, but there was no place for it. I plugged it into the back of the CPU and nothing. The Xbox Live screen kept saying it was not hooked up. ? I’m a complete newbie to the video game and downloads stuff!!!

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Do you have an xbox live account? There is a fee to use the services.

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The Live account is something like $50 per year and a great deal if you use it all the time, but just for this one thing, not worth it. However, I believe that you can download songs even if you do not have a live account (because why would they throw away the chance to make money?). You need to plug the xBox directly into the internet, not through a computer.

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I’m sure the kid who owns it has an account. I asked him if he had it hooked up to internet before, and he said he had. He had a profile of some sort on the xbox live page, so I’m assuming he knew what he was talking about. We couldn’t get any connection. When we checked “more info” it just said it wasn’t “connected”. The kids left for awhile, or I’d ask him to make sure.

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EmpressPixie—I have cable internet, so the cable needs to be directly hooked to the xbox?

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In that case, I would go here:

But yes, the cable should be hooked directly into the xBox. I can see the internet cable running to my boyfriend’s right now. If that website doesn’t help I can get his roommate in here to be “me” and help some more.

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OK! Thanks! We were using the “phone line” cord to hook xbox to CPU. I’m a computer dummy, but I thought “something” didn’t seem right with that. I will “investigate” when the youngsters get back and see about the cable hookup. THANK YOU!!!!!

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OH! And to buy songs, you’ll need a credit card. Try to get whoever owns the account to buy the credit and pay him back. We can’t figure out how to get my credit card number OFF of this xBox. And the guys have used it on accident before—the code that you are supposed to enter from the back of the card meant NOTHING. It still charged to mine even though they meant to use theirs and accordingly used the number from the back of their card.

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WOW! Thanks for that advice!!!

I checked out that website, too, and that helps me understand it a lot better.

Thanks again, EmpressPixie!!!

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