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If you write long masses of text, would you consider some breaks for the achy-eyed here?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) September 14th, 2008

When I see a page of unbroken text, I move on and may miss interesting issues.

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I’m the same way. Especially if I’m in a hurry, I tend to skip the masses. It could be written the same way, with breaks, however, and I’d be drawn to it.

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Totally agree. It’s so much easier to follow when there are some breaks in between paragraphs.

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As a corrollary, perhaps one could edit and condense the text also. A summary is better than a detailed narration. And while I have the floor, what about sentences that are clearly sentences ratherthanrunonphraseswithoutpunctuationoruppercase?

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i hate it when people use no upper case or punctuations and use run on sentences i just dont see why people do it its so stupid and hard to read and follow only poo faces do it

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Appropriate grammar is highly appreciated. Things that are done purely to make the text more readable regardless of grammatical precision are also highly appreciated.

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wAt r u guYyYysSs tAlKiN bOuTs????????

I want to reach through the internet and punch anyone who writes like that.

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I wish I could find the picture of Ben (or was it Andrew) in the Poo hat. (Remind Andrew; improve search.)

However, we would miss out on some beauts; frizzer, mager, and this, which I will treasure. I guess that iPhone could always be the scapegoat.

“They are the UN they have been crouped and the britan and a few other places must war agensed it, the US is dump crimanols and such, It colapsed as on of the gratest….. desasters ever in 2050.”

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There you go, gail!

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@erik: How did you do that? Was it necessary to know how to croup?

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@Erik: What about the question and discussion regarding the use of the passive voice? This was a long time ago.

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I don’t know about the discussion you are referring to, but thy webpage is owned by Andrew and Ben. I remember it coming up in a few months old thread.

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Poo-hat or passive voice? And sorry; I know that thou art Eric with a c.

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I don’t believe I was part of “Passive Voice.”

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sumwonjust posteda question4Ugailcalled.

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Yes, ugh. I can’t get through long, dense, unbroken paragraphs of text. It may have less to do with being achey-eyed and more to do with my short attention span.

For emails, I don’t mind scrolling down long emails. But I hate scrolling sideways and scrolling down. So I have this habit of narrowing the paragraph on my emails…meaning that I’ll hit return after a dozen words or so. Though this drives some of my friends crazy. Some like to tease that my emails are like really bad prose.

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For all those who are riveted by discussions of the use of the passive voice, I found this old question via Google;

@Nimis:For really bad prose, see answer #7 ^^.

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if someone write a really long answer, 9/10 I won’t even start to read it, I don’t care if it’s @me, I just don’t have that kind of time…..(or interest)

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I’m sorry gail! I should have checked that for errors, before I hit answer….bad cheeb, bad, bad cheeb…..

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@goodcheeb; even I can distinguish between a random typo and “the UN that has been crouped.” And although I can make a stab at “The US is dump crimanols,” I’d vote for a tad more clarity.

@cheeb; What about the question that is really a badly-written short story?

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Not to metion the text that are so heavily abrreviated, you’ve gotta read it like 2–3 times and even then you hope you’re reading it right

e.g. tke ur tm. & 2 thk abt the mntl brn fk.ur posn upn ur frnds & fmly b4 creatn ths bsht.
(actually i’ve read worst)

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I rarely write long questions and comments, but when I do, I break into paragraphs because, one, it’s the way I learned to write, and two, this ol’ pachyderm’s eyes blur when he sees a mass of text.

Pacy’s vision is perfect, however, when he spies a mass of peanuts!

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