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Are there any movies you would have liked more if it had a different leading actor?

Asked by rockfan (13062points) 1 week ago from iPhone

I’ve always liked “Liar, Liar” but Jim Carrey goes a bit too over the top for my taste. The movie seems like it was tailor made for Judge Reinhold’s style of deadpan comedy. Especially the line “....I’m kickin’ my ass!”

What are some other movie examples you can think of?

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I can’t stand watching Jim Carrey act, funny that’s who you wrote about. It’s not just him, part of it is the characters he plays, so I’m not sure another actor would help, but when I see he’s in a movie it is an automatic turn off for me.

I loved Titanic, but I thought DiCaprio and Winslett were a mismatch even though they were both great actors.

There are more, but can’t think right now.

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Have you seen Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

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Anything with Tom Cruise. I can’t stand him as an actor (his religious beliefs are his own business and none of mine.)

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DiCaprio was badly cast in The Aviator. Hughes was a mans man, and Leo is a boy. It really annoyed me.

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I thought that Oger wash badly cast for Shrek.
Would have preferred The Hulk.
Or papa Smurf.

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Oh, and pretty much any movie with Nicholas Cage or John Travolta.
I do like Wild At Heart and Pulp Fiction

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Wonder Woman.
Gal Gadot is horribly miscast.
Not only can she not act, she is also skinny as a twig with zero muscles.
Wonder Woman should have some bulk. She needs to look like she could break you in half just by looking at you.
This here is much closer to what she should look like.

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Renee Zellwigger in Cold Mountain.

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There’s plenty of actors I don’t want to see in anything. It’s not even necessarily about their acting; sometimes it’s just something about the way they look, and I don’t want to see them. I won’t watch their movies at all, and therefore the question doesn’t come up.

So I take your question to mean movies in which I think someone was miscast. I sure would have preferred a different Arwen, and I say that just about as emphatically as I can.

I also thought Tom Hanks was wrong for the part of Robert Langdon. The Dan Brown stories are silly but fun, and the angels got a nice treatment, but Tom Hanks just wasn’t on target.

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Leo DiCaprio in Titanic is #1. So not sexy in any way.

@ragingloli Agreed on Wonder Woman. I would love to see a movie actually based on the DC comic books character versions.

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I’m shocked other people felt the same as me about DiCaprio in Titanic.

I agree about Nicolas Cage, and I’d add Keanu Reeves.

Also, Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary.

At first the actress in Wonder Woman seemed off to me, but I adjusted while watching the movie.

Oh, Sean Connery, I don’t get the fascination.

@rockfan I haven’t seen that movie.

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@JLeslie, DiCaprio was way too small for Winslett. Or rather, she was too big for him. Too big in face, too big in body. Too much bulk, using Loli’s term. Made him look like a shrimp.

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“Made him look like a shrimp.”

Personally, I really like when Hollywood cast actors that aren’t necessarily tall. I roll my eyes whenever I see romantic movies have some bulky 6’4’’ guy who looks straight out of a magazine

Also, your negativity towards short men is a bit weird..

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I would have loved the (TOS) , the original series, actor, Christopher Lloyd, who played Krudge in Star Trek III to be replaced by Kirk’s original nemesis Kang as Klingon captain.

Not that Christopher Lloyd did a bad job. He was exceptional, and didn’t type cast as a time traveling scientist from Hill Valley, but Kang and Kirk would be the natural rivalry.

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Anything with Jennifer Anniston. She really annoys me.

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@rockfan, I don’t have any negativity toward short men, or tall men, or tall or short women either. I’m just saying they were physically a bad match as actors in terms of appearance. She was too big for him and it made her look heavy and thick. Maybe I want to say she looks coarser and he looks more delicate.

I agree that we don’t need leading men to be oversized hunks and I have enjoyed plenty of movie heroes who weren’t big, Errol Flynn for example. But I think when they’re paired up they should complement each other and not make them both look out of proportion. Again, as actors. This is not about preferences in regards to people.

By contrast, even though Julia Child was way taller than her husband, and the casting of Julie and Julia showed that, they were well matched and not out of proportion. They were on the same scale.

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@kneesox I agree. I felt Kate looked “big” compared to DiCaprio. It wasn’t about DiCaprio’s height at all, I have no idea how tall he is, and I’m not attracted to muscular guys, or very tall guys, I like an average build, but he looked like a teenager who hadn’t filled out yet compared to Kate, and Kate looked almost husky. If anything Kate stood out to me as large, but I don’t mean fat.

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Some of the ones I won’t watch are Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Connolly, and Naomi Watts.

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“Made him look like a shrimp.”

I’d love to be cast with a woman of superior size and strength.
If she made me look like a krill, it would be my thrill! :P

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@Jeruba I find Nicole Kidman to be an odd mix of beautiful and awkward. She can be hard to watch sometimes.

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Nick Cage and Kevin Spacey are annoying to me – it’s not necessarily their acting. I think it’s their looks.

I think Kate Winslet was “thick” in Titanic and then dropped a few pounds after the movie was filmed. I thought the way she looked in Titanic was really pretty.

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There are quite a few films ruined by the fact that Tom Cruise was the A-lister. Also agree about DiCaprio in the Aviator.

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I really don’t see the acting ability of Tom Cruise. In anything.

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I liked Tom Cruise when he was young and starting out, but now he’s very annoying and smug looking.

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Sean Connery needed to be in ALL the Bond movies.

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That is because he does not have any.
He knows this as well, that is why he does all this action schlock now.
Just like Keanu Reeves and his John Wick films, and now his belated Matrix sequel.

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There are several wonderful movies I would have enjoyed far more if there was a different leading actor.

But one that sticks out a mile for me is a TV movie called The Audrey Hepburn Story.

As the title suggests it is a biography of the immaculate and beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn. Although she was born in Brussels she had a pristine English accent.

The part of Audrey was played by the American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Although Jennifer is a great actress she made me cringe when she was trying to speak in a perfect English accent and I am sorry to say she was terrible.

I love Jennifer as an actress but this is one part she should never have played.

Of course Jennifer was a producer of the movie so I wonder if that was why she played the lead.

In my humble opinion if a part has been written for a British or English actor then a British or English actor should be cast in the role.

The same applies to an American part. An American actor should be cast.

Both Britain and American have the best actors in the world so it should not be that difficult to cast a British actor in a British role or an American actor in an American role.

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But they’re actors. An actors job is to play someone they’re not. Some of the best performances of all time have been British actors playing Americans. And vice versa.

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Mel Gibson is one who surprised me. He is Australian, but but speaks in an American accent in movies. Sometimes I can hear his Aussie accent come through, but for the most part, I would have thought he was American.

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@JLeslie about DiCaprio & Winslett, yes, that’s just what I was trying to say.

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I would have rather seen someone like Kiera Knightly in The Titanic.

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^^ Keira Knightley is another one I can’t watch. But I agree that she’d have fit the Titanic part better.

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Keira Knightley has really improved her acting chops in the past couple of years. I thought she was great in “Official Secrets”

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The thing I like about Keira Knightley is that she doesn’t try to cover up having bad teeth.

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I may draw some criticism for saying this, but that’s nothing new for me here, eh?

Over and over I feel when watching early movies, including some of the classics, that guy is too old for this part. Really? This twenty year old woman is supposed to be head over heels for that fifty year old man? Of course, sometimes it fit with the storyline to have such an age difference, but lots would have been better with a younger hero/lover. It is especially annoying when the man is supposed to be some athletic, save the day hero.

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