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Have you ever coughed so bad that your arms hurt?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19588points) 1 week ago

I have been doing that for two days. Feels like an inflated blood pressure cuff on each arm.

What should I do?

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Time to see a medical person.

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@Tropical_Willie Just got off the phone with a nurse. She wants me to self isolate for 10 days. Might be Covid. All appointments rescheduled for after 26th or in person with masks. Nurse said that I don’t need to see a dr.

Just want to wish everyone well and that I love Fluther and everyone on it.

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I hope you are vaccinated.
I have a friend who coughed so hard (from pneumonia) she broke her ribs.
Feel better soon!

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@filmfann Yes. I am double vaccinated. Plus flu shot. All my shots are up to date.

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@filmfann I was going to say that, too! I know a short heavy girl broke at least one. Yikes be careful @RedDeerGuy.

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I hope you feel better soon big guy.

I’ve coughed so hard and frequently that I’ve thrown out my back. So, yeah.

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Hugs and love. Have you taken any over the counter cough medicine? If not, ask the nurse if you should and what kind.

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@chyna Nurse wants me to drink warm water, and isolate for 10 days until November 26. I can’t go to the pharmacy due to isolation requirement.

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That’s a bummer. I hope you are able to get food delivered. Where do you think you caught the virus?

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@flutherother I don’t know. I’m not certain that I have Covid. I have a rotisserie chicken and $78 worth of groceries on the way. Just need to self isolate till November 26th.

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