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Guys, do you feel intimidated by muscles on women?

Asked by engine919 (18points) 1 week ago
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Intimidated? No

Not attracted? Depends on the person and the muscles.

I do not find body builders of either gender attractive. But a person who is in good shape from regular exercise/conditioning is very attractive.

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@zenvelo ”I do not find body builders of either gender attractive”

Same. I find muscles on women sexy, like Olympic swimmers, tennis players, etc. but body builders (any gender) don’t have the same appeal. It looks unnatural to me. Not really intimidating.

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I do find it attractive and even sexy but not so much if she has muscles like Schwarzenegger’s.

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I like round muscular asses on my women.

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You may hate it, but this is what peak performance looks like:

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Hell yes, super intimidated and it’s so fucking hhHHHHHOTTTTTTtTTT!!!!!!!

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I don’t feel intimidated I just don’t like seeing muscles in women.

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@ragingloli That isn’t “peak”. That woman is so muscle bound she has little flexibility.

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I don’t feel intimidated however when I see muscles on woman I thank it odd not intimidating.

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Why would I? If someone wants to take their body to an extreme more power to them. Muscles don’t usually = skill though. A 110lb woman fully trained in jujitsu could easily take out a 175lb guy who is not. Physical strength is not all that outside of feats of such as lifting weights. That 110lb woman probably could not bench press 150lb where that is nothing for the 175lb guy. A 175lb guy who strength trains and is fully trained in martial arts like jujitsu will f up anyone including the 175lb female who does both as well at the same level. That’s just basic Biology.

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Nope. Overly muscled is not attractive to me either.

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Nope. Toned muscles is much more preferred.

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More power to them.
When I was strong and in my 30’s I competed in many long distance running races. I never was fast enough to win money but the only women who could beat me won lots of money. A typical situation was I would finish around 30th over all in an international marathon and the woman just a few strides ahead of me would $10K and the woman behind me got $5K. I would get a participation ribbon. I was use to it. The strong women deserved the money and the praise. I admired them. Bravo to them.

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