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Are you still wearing any clothing that's more than ten years old?

Asked by kneesox (4593points) November 18th, 2021

Not counting outerwear, like coats and boots. Just regular clothes, including sweaters, office wear, casual and dressy stuff. Not do you still have them, but do you still wear them.

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Yes, plenty of items. Some of the oldest are coats. two are pushing 30

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Yep, put shirt on this week I got in 1995.

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Yes, lots.

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A really good warm fleece sweater. For over twenty years. It still fits and is in great condition.

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Some formal clothing, yes. It was expensive, I wear it infrequently, and I see no reason to part with it.

Anything else I would say no. I get rid of old clothes regularly and I don’t think I have anything from before 2015.

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I’d guess that well over half my clothes are over 10 years old.

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I have some aloha shirts that are 24 years old that are still in rotation. I like them a lot.

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I used to weight quite a bit more than I do now, so no, any clothes I have from ten years ago would be way too big. I had some really nice clothes, and I may still have some of them, but they wouldn’t fit.

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Every day.

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Yes. My favorites are old clothing. Same for linens….....I love my old sheets, towels, and cotton blankets.

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My long johns which I use during winter season is at the least 17 years old.

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HA! Most of my clothes are that old.

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Plenty. Quality clothing and timeless items

Jeans, Sweaters, Shoes, concert t-shirts

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Oh, yes. Lots.

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What I’m wearing at this moment was mostly bought in the last year. The exception would be an undershirt which is probably more than ten years old. I would guess about half of my shirts and trousers are more than ten years old but I tend to wear the newer stuff.

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Yes. Most of my clothes are at least that old.
I have some newer pieces but unlike @flutherother I save them for when I am going someplace .

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I’m not wearing it anymore (due to it shrunk 4 sizes….), but I still have a ‘t-shirt’ that I bought in 1986–1987.
Bordeaux, with purple embroidery.

Wedding suit (1991), complete with shirt, tie, and shoes.
Aubergine suit, lila shirt.

Old pairs of shoes, that I occasionally wear (a special funeral pair of black Clarks).

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Just a couple of old sport coats, that I have had for years. Never really wear them though, unless we go to a wedding or some other function that requires semi formal wear. Actually, when my wife insists I get dressed for a function like that. I’d as soon wear a t shirt or Polo shirt and my faded jeans. I never had any dress sense anyway.

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My work/dress shoes that I wear every day are the same shoes I wore at my wedding 20+ years ago.

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Yes. Was wearing a wool sweater yesterday that I think . . . is 15+ years old, which has sewn on elbow patches, frayed cuffs, and at least one moth-hole. But it’s cozy. I have a few that old that I wear.

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Most of my clothes are over 10 years old.

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