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How do you care for yourself after an emotional day caring for someone else?

Asked by Jonsblond (6158points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Today was hard. My seventeen year old son cried uncontrollably for almost six hours. Luckily I had the day off from work so I was able to try to help him. I’m emotionally and physically drained.

My son ended up taking a nap in the late afternoon so I left and went shopping. I listened to Christmas music on the way to the store. I took my time shopping and bought more than I planned but I didn’t buy anything we didn’t need. We all need a bag of mixed M&M’s, right?

How do you care for yourself?

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I sleep in untill I want to wake up. I order the good stuff from my local restaurant. I take a warm shower then a bath. I watch videos from YouTube and I Fluther.

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^I also ordered a comforting meal.

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@Jonsblond I order meals on wheels for times when I don’t feel like cooking. I am social isolating till November 26 the and they come in handy. ($8 a meal) , and twice a day and 6 meals on Friday. Occasionally they give me a dessert and main meal better than I can’t get from anywhere else.

Works out to be $480 a month. Much cheaper than take out and sometimes groceries shopping since they have free delivery

Also they are panic buy immune. They always give me something, and that beats painic shopping..

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A movie with Groucho Marx, Bob Hope, or Woody Allen. Maybe a samurai film.
Comfort food: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chocolate milk, popcorn.
Music: Big Band or Beatles.
Puzzles: jigsaw, sudoku, cryptic crosswords.

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I sleep as much as I can. Usually I got some yummy treat as well.

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Oh wow. Must be horrible to see your child so distressed. I hope he is having good days too.

I think I would probably call a trusted girlfriend either to laugh or to vent, depending on if I felt like venting or just felt like I needed to distract myself.

I might take a nap if I felt exhausted. It sounds exhausting.

Eat something comforting.

If it was warm out I would go outside for some air.

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The first thing is knowing that you do need to take care of yourself. Some people just don’t recognize that, don’t feel they’re entitled to it. So good for you. You know you need to restore yourself before you can put out more. I wish you the strength you need.

For me, the primary thing is some time alone. I’m in the population that spends energy in company and recharges alone. Other people recharge in company. So it depends on which camp you’re in.

Quiet rest, some escape (a movie, some music, an absorbing puzzle, a book), and maybe a comforting snack will usually help me. Also sometimes a brisk walk around the block or even just taking myself out for a mini-vacation at Starbucks with a long, slow beverage and a tablet.

I’m sorry your son is having such trouble. Is this the one whose name starts with E?

I am also of the opinion that there’s no situation that can’t be helped by the addition of a little chocolate.

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I have to find time to be alone. Usually laying in bed, napping, or watching TV. Just detach from everyone for a while.

I hope your son is doing better.

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Alcohol, I know it’s not healthy but it works.

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It’s called being a Mom. Hugs – and chocolate. I think the M&Ms and some time to yourself were on the right track. And hugs to your son. I remember holding my 17 year old while he cried.

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For me it’s time alone. I like a nice long car ride through the woods or other beautiful areas. Just time in the car, feeling like I’m flying, pondering my thoughts, maybe with the radio on, looking at nature and houses and all that fun.

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Also ditto @jca2 on exploring. Minus the auto ride. When I want to clear my head I like to take a walk through the boondocks, or semi boondocks. The woods behind the site where I work, or something like that. As long as my head clearing doesn’t go south on me. Last time I did that I ran across a damn rattle snake curled up ready to strike. Another time I was walking around in a swampy area and saw a damn centipede on a tree trunk half the size of my arm. Hell to the No!

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A quiet meal in a restaurant sitting by the window. Or sitting in a bar with a martini and calamari.

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Playing games or having a nice night out helps.

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Recharge by going out into nature where its peacefull and refreshing.

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Get sloshed.

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A couple of episodes of Fraser and a cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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“Tossed salads and scrambled eggs.”

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Love Frasier.

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I pray and listen to recordings of the Bible.

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Lots of alone time. I make sure I get enough sleep, have a shower, put on some music… those are the universal things. Sometimes I end up doing activities like baking, drawing, writing, or sitting outside with a warm beverage. I try to allow my mind to do whatever it wants.

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