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How many pints of blood does the heart pump in one day?

Asked by maybe_KB (669points) September 14th, 2008

My fiance thinks he has heart problems.

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20,000 pints per day.

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What does one have to do with the other. And why aren’t you at the Doctor’s rather than asking a question you can easily Google?

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Depends how big the person is.

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Hey There flower pot!
I’m not going to say that this was the best Q: I’ve asked
(or the worst question i’ve read)
Actually my Fiance asked.
So, I said, “What the heck”
& posted it for him.

KMP…(keep me posted)

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@maybe; that is a really cryptic answer.. Could you translate it for the collective, please?

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In layman’s term…I concur.

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